Like a lot of us here my main struggle is financial. I recently moved to orlando by myself, I have a full time job but it doesn’t pay enough for me to live on my own. My true wish is to go back to school (college) and dedicate myself to learn the secrets of the occult. I have drawn energy from Bune and King Paimon along the pass of the last months, calling on them and sometimes having their sigil around. I know one of them is with me I just am not sure who. I’d love tto go deeper so I can maybe fulfill some type of working or maybe even a pact.


Then why don’t you go ahead and summon them I think bune is great for
financial problems
You don’t even have to go thro a full ritual if you don’t feel ready
Make an offering I know most people offer bune blood on his sigil
Gaza at her sigil with visualizing the things that you want with details As if you already got it
chant her enn
And until you feel like you charged her sigil with all youre desires and you begin to feel her energy
burn it and consider it done And whatever you asked for
Will manifests soon.


please further help me through this as I have no experience at all performing rituals [email protected] i can’t open any more topics here for today

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