Has anyone ever experienced any illness or getting slightly sick feeling when allowing yourself to become possessed been working with Azazel for a good bit now he come into me regularly during ritual but in my past few rituals I’ve been experiencing head aces feeling just a bit weak is this a normal thing to expect

Yes , magickal ritual usually has such side effects on the body depending on the potency of the working , in my summonings and invocations usually I would become extremely tired by the end of it amongst other things

Some times I find it hard to get to sleep after ritual I’ve experienced like my body becoming very I’m jittery hand shaking from what I understand Azazel is very intense one to work with but looking back from when I first started my pact it’s insane how much I’ve grown

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Honestly, it could be a few things. I had this happen recently with Pele and I’ve read about it happening in EX’s books, but forget which Deity.

Sometimes it’s from struggling with the Deity and not wanting to let go enough (fighting/resisting the posessession). The more the resistance, the more it affects you.

Other times, it can be from a channeled spell that fills you with so much energy it kinda overwhelms you (and almost completely possessed). I did a few channeled spells recently and the first time, I threw up numerous times. The second time, it was half that.

Hope it helps.

Yes it dose help thank you for your input I’ll try some new some new techniques see if that changes anything

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I can say that part of why it happened to me the other day was because I was flooded with SO MUCH energy from the Deity. Body simply wasn’t used to it. If it happened multiple times, did it lessen at all for you?

Same thing happened after my episodes. I was tired, but wired and took several hours longer to calm down enough to sleep.

Well during the ritual I became very overwhelmed with this nauseous feeling I got very hot I continue to push through the ritual but honestly I can say that I’m gaining from it I understand that in finding the God within myself I’m going to go through physical changes and it’s all a part of the process

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Yeah, I was dry-heaving through it, too. I wasn’t looking for my inner god, but the symptoms seem to be the same.

One question I brought to a Azazel last night was where do I need to focus my energy on into finding my inner God and he said this simple sentence focus on what’s in front of you and everything else will lay down before you

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Damn, that’s a good one. Thanks for sharing.

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