Hey guys im needing some help with information on a demon/ spirt that can cause farm animals to become ill and desist


Youre asking for a demon that would get someone sick and die? kind of hard to understand your text.

Did you not read what is said correcty I said (
cattle), like cows farm animals

Any demon that can kill a human can kill an animal.

Marbas can cause infectious disease so try him.

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Where’s the grammar problem?
Cause farm animals to become ill …thats pretty plain

Funny enough I’m looking for the exact opposite… One that can, help me understand and rear them

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Hass’cotor from the Book of Azazel is the one you need. He can “harnass the power of animals, bringing you guides and protectors in the form of animal familiars, either physical or astral. He can also teach how to communicate with animals as higher intuitive beings.”



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Thank you this was the most helpful I’m currently in a path working with Azazel so this is the one I will use

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That was uncalled for. Apparently they didn’t read it correctly considering they thought farm animals means people…

I would have asked the same thing.


Agreed. I PMed an apology this morning. It was more than warranted.