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Hi everyone! I’m looking for ideas/guidance on helping my fiancé obtain a student visa. He’s had. A string of just bad luck and i feel like it’s an energetic issue rather than red tape. Mean interviewer, cancellations, everything taking a long time… what demon or angel have people had success with in these matters and what else might be suggested? Thanks in advance!

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Are you sure it’s not simply the fact that he’s applying for a student visa in the middle of a pandemic which makes his application looks suspicious? Since we don’t know how long all this will last, why not change it to a fiance visa?


Not that at all because student visas are the only visas they’re porocessing At the moment. In order to do a fiancé visa I’d need to do to duabi with my son and marry him and the process could take a year or two, so this is the easiest route. They are approving student visas in droves

No no, a fiance visa is so you can bring your fiance there and marry him. If you marry him outside US and then apply for spouse visa, that might take a couple years, while the fiance visa is way faster.
As far as I’ve seen the student visas are being viewed with suspicion exactly because many universities are shut down due to covid, where normally it was a faster way to get a visa, but now with a pandemic…? It’s not how it used to be.


In any case I’d advice you to seek a immigration lawyer since it’s a mundane matter mostly and most definitely you shouldn’t get advice from random people or from the internet. But to answer also on your original question, seek a pact with Belial as its a legal matter or/and any entity under the rule of Mercury.

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Try Belial, for freedom and independence

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