Help with this

So I went asleep around 10:40am and woke up at 6pm. I went to my phone and seen that there was a video. I looked at the video and it was of me? I can see that I was holding the phone while it was recording but I have no recollection of recording the video. The video was recorded at 11:10am when I was asleep.

In the video there was a lot of wind and my hand was hovering above my stomach making a shadow on the stomach. There was also this like a really loud breathing sound.
This only happened ever since I started reading upon demons. I haven’t tried to summon any yet or do any crazy stuff yet. Please help me see what this means.

I’ll try and splice the audio from the video because well I don’t want to show a video of me sleeping.

It would be hard to know without seeing the video…you might have hit the record button on accident. I have taken pictures of me sleeping from rolling over the phone.

I was moving the phone as well. It started from my bed and I moved it up hovering over my stomach. I can’t access my phones camera from the home screen without my holding down the camera button on touch screen and it’s hard to do that while awake.
How do I upload an audio file on here?

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Sorry if this isn’t allowed but soundcloud was the only thing I could think of.

This is the audio from the video. It wasn’t windy outside and definitely wasn’t windy inside.

Thanks for sharing yes I hear it between 5- 6 seconds