Help with the purification of my room

Hello everyone, i need some advice for a purification of my room. A year and a half ago i tried to kill myself in my room, since then i can no longer stay in there (And I sleep on the couch). I feel very negative energies, a sense of unease and fear. I always get a strong headache and if I stay too long I get panic attacks. I can also sense a female presence, i wouldn’t want to have left a part of me that was trapped in there.
Or maybe they were other spirits. I remember when I lived there I saw scary faces staring at me all night. I don’t think the simple rituals I saw using the search function can help me. I would need a powerful and effective method. Thanks to all those who can give me valuable help.:pray:t2::white_heart:

Do an LBRP and say prayers to The Archangel Michael

Thanks, I’ll go find.

Np , read some psalms too

Meditate on expanding your energy throughout your room with the intention to purify your room. Having an element in mind helps too. This is direct energy work and your basically using your own energy to purify your space either programming your energy to burn through fire, wash away with water, ground it with earth, or push outwards with air.

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