Help with tarot reading

Hello everyone. I have been studying the tarot for the last few months and I decided to try out something new last night. I wanted to try and ‘communicate’ with a spirit using the tarot and see what happens. I quickly decided to try to conntact Azazel, as I find him to be a very interesting spirit. After some research online I discovered in a very popular tarot forum a spread specifically designed for spirit communication.
I draw Azazel’s sigil in a piece of paper and i began charging it, holding in my mind the image of myself reading the tarot while a Pan-like figure was wispering in my ear. After the sigil was charged and the deck was suffled, I finally drew the five cards needed for the spread. Before i give you the details of the reading, I think it would be helpfull to inform you that I use the ‘dark grimoire’ deck from Lo Scarabeo. Anyway, here’s the reading:

Card 1: This card represents the spirit. I got ace of swords. Given that from what i’ve read about him, Azazel loves to teach and share knowledge, this card makes perfect sence.

Card 2: This card explains why the spirit is with you right now. The Sun came up in this position. My guess is that he wants to reveal something to me, or he wants to help me ‘shine’ (best case scenario maybe).

Card 3. This card represents what the spirit wants you to know. I got ten of pentacles here. I don’t think that the traditional meaning of this card applies here. In my deck, this card shows the image of four friends or perhaps family members holding hands around some source of light, while numerous demons are watching them from the shadows all around them. Could this mean that his familiars are keeping an eye on me? Another thought that came up in my mind, is that perhaps someone means harm to me or my family/friends and this card acts as a warning.

Card 4. This card represents the actions that I can take or what I can do to help the spirit. In this position I got the ace of pentacles. Given that aces are about begginings and the suit of pentacles is often assosiated with work, maybe Azazel is trying to tell to get to work and be more serious about my magickal training and my life in general. I have to confess that I am a huge procrastinator and that is why I believe this card tells me to get stuff done.

Card 5. The final card is the summary/ outcome of the entire reading. I got the Emperor here. This card is by far the most confusing for me in this reading. My interpretation is that Azazel is trying to tell me to be more responsible and be more in charge of the stuff going on in my life.

So there you have it. Any thoughts/interpretations are more than welcomed. Sorry about the long post, believe me when I say that I did my best to keep the number of words at a mimimum.

Sounds good to me, though I’m not an expert with tarot.

Going by my own experiences, especially when I was younger, and what people say on here, 99% of the time a spirit has his work cut out just trying to convince usa that we truly are godlike in our potential, without tipping people over into being bratty ego-monsters or cocky and annoying. :slight_smile:

Those all seem like solid, positive cards, he seems willing to work with you so it all looks good to me, based on what you wrote.

Thanks for taking the time to respond Lady Eva, much appreciated. I did the same thing with Bune and to be honest when I opened the sigil I felt pressure in my forehead, much stronger than I felt with Azazel. Also it gave me the feeling that someone is with me in the room, again more intensly than with Azazel. Maybe I did a better job at charging the sigil with Bune, dunno. Anyway, this is awesome, I feel like a journalist interviewing celebrities. The only difference is that these celebrities are not spoiled little brats, but they really have something interesting to say lol.