Help with symbols

I asked Astaroth for advice.

first I saw the Death, then the shape of a monster, then a wolf, then a beautiful woman with a sweet aroma and blonde hair, then her hair went black

Does anyone have any idea what this means? I can’t associate the symbols

Blonde hair has a specific aroma?

No clue, but I will bump this up to the top.


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Google Translate problems LOL

Thanks for the up

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I know how that is…When I first arrived in Spain, I arrived in Barcelona, where they do not like to speak anything other than Catalan. I annoyed ALOT of folks with my google translate mistakes, lol. But I survived.

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When i’m training my français with gringos, the same happens, it’s funny

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I think this symbols relate to you not to the collective unconscious mind
what is the first thing you get idea or memory of this things

go one by one
(often the first thing coming to your mind is the right answer)
then just connect the symbols