Help with Spirit Communication?

Is there any master which can talk with my succubus?
Pls only real master since its very important for me to get true and honest awnsers.
I know i have to work on my relationship with her on myself and i will but for now salds im to depressed for astral so pls help.

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No one here is a “master” however, many here have different methods of speaking to external forces be it pendulum, directly, tarot, oracle, etc.

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Sadly it seems nothing works for me.
And that only makes me more sad

So how do you know you have a succubus companion if nothing works for you?

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Cause of feeling her + what the conjurer told me


The first works but I’d not go off the second one. Spirit conjurers will often tell you what you want to hear to avoid losing money.

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What do you mean by master? Or real master?? Sorry I am a little confused.

Yeah cool.
But that dosnt currently help me does it?
So can you pls write something helpful?

I mean someone skilled in spirit communication and no fake guys.

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I mean anyone can claim to talk to spirits especially if you can’t do it yourself. How would you know if someone is telling you the truth.

Did you paid to have he brought to you?


By checking the things with what i heard and experinced so far?

Yeah usally you pay a conjurer

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Unless it’s a servitor, most of those conjurer’s are scams. I few are using servitors and thoughtforms so you do get something, but most of the ones I’ve come across are either scams or selling created spirits and thought forms.


You just have to be careful because anyone can claim anything and as @Velenos said someone can take your money and say they sent something and didn’t, planting the seed for a thought form but not actually giving you what you paid for. This world is full of scammers.

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It actually does help you since you claimed to be able to feel her that means you don’t need someone else to communicate with her but rather you need to work on furthering your senses.

Mainly because you are already frontloading people that she exists from a conjurer and that you know it because you felt her and the conjurer told you so.


You said it way better then me.

I just did a quick peek and didn’t sense or see anything can you take one too since normally see or sense about the same.

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Yeah but i cant communicate with her and since i cant learn the skill to talk with her what i do?

I trust the conjurer so far.

You can learn the skill tho.

Wow greeat

Any idea how?