Help with simple question

Thank you all guys for helping me figuring out that the spirits I work with didn’t like me selling drugs and thats why they ruined my life they are helping me now please guys I want to ask you what do you think Belial and Azazel and Lucifer think of tricking or scamming people like selling fake products as new and scamming .


I am going to file that under the same thing. That would be the general “don’t be a douchebag” file.


Also i would file this under potential parasitic behavior which doesn’t mesh well with spirits who have liberation and removal of limits as part of their agenda :alien:


So from one weakness you jump to another one?

That’s pathetic.


They are trying to help remove your weaknesses, don’t jump to another one. This will be worse since Belial will probably start loosing patience with you.


Obviously you have talent in selling things. Why won’t u use your talent to sell real things and help your customers on nice products.

Tricking and scamming people is not progress. It’s not learning anything


Easy money won’t work, mostly and not everyone believes it, karma steps in. There will be customers who won’t accept this. The question is how mad that customer will be. It has cost people their life or some time in prison.

They could abandon you. Change the way you are providing for yourself.


This is ridiculous. Clearly they don’t want you in the business. So you think by taking it a step further and scamming people they will applaud your efforts? What logic is being used ?


I know it is a stupid question and I can get some hate but how am I supposed to know I told the spirits to help me and I got this idea+ alot of others this seems to be alot easy I don’t know if its from them or me and it’s not as bad as I said it but still it is in that category I need to know before fucking up again and thank you all even for the hate ^-^ I ask because these Kings are somewhat described like the devil and evil by traditions and alot of folks so in my mind it is very mixed they seem to be like angels and keep the order of things and help us

They’re helping you by getting you OUT of a bad situation. That tells you ALOT about how evil they are. I’m not trying to be harsh but they’re right there SHOWING you who they are. I think if you do pursue the idea you had, they would be displeased . But that’s your choice.


oki thank you ^-^ I wont but still here is the idea so tell me what you think there are clone smartphones like original ones they are like 200$ market price original 500$ I think my previous phone was a clone but I dont know for sure they are almost identical this is it.

I believe a clone is still detectable by Apple and will shut the person’s services off.

Android not so much that I know.

they are android phone so what is your opinion is it from the spirits or is it my idea

I think you were given free will by one of the most ancient royal entities to exist. One that also got you out of a bad situation. Now exercise your free will and use your own conscious on what you should do. You are free to choose - but you can’t escape the consequences .


well since I now work with the gods above what do you guys think are they ok with it or it is a bad idea can someone please ask them before I fuck up and they ruin my life again ^-^

Seriously, how hard of a concept is it to grasp that scamming people makes you a fucking asshole? And for fucks sake you can be an honest black marketeer as long as you are upfront about them being clone tech.


oki I wont then :smile:

Thank you all again ^-^

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I would think that they are going to kick your butt twice as hard the second time around. If you are considering this, I don’t think you learned whatever lesson they were trying to teach you the first time.