Help with Sexual Relations

Hi everyone. At first I was a little ashamed of posting this but for what I’ve read it’s quite common among males.
I’ve been having erection problems. I can get it up easily, but everytime I’m going to put a condom it goes down, sometimes it even goes down without the condom. I know it’s a mental block that I have due to years of watching porn, bad experiencies mixing alcohol and sex and self condifence issues.
It’s not a health problem (I’ve already checked with a doctor, and I can masturbate with no problems). I’m sure it’s pscyclogical. Everytime I’m going to put a condom I start thinking “please don’t go down” and of course, it does goes down. I know what you’re going to say: “Just don’t think about it” but that’s very hard for me since I tend to overthink everything.
Another problem that I have is that it’s extremely hard for me to cum. While using a condom, I’ve only cumed twice in my entire life (I’m 24). I had a girlfriend a couple years ago and since she took her birth control pills we had sex without condom and I could cum, but only after a coupe months of dating, so I guess I can’t cum or get it up easily until I have some level of confidece with the girl.
This really frustrest me since I’m a good looking guy and I know for a fact that I could have much more sex without this issue. It’s really hard for me to have sex with a woman I’ve just met, and it also helped ruining my last relationship since my girl thought I went soft because I didn’t find her attractive.

Sorry for the long story, but here’s my question. Which demon or angel can help me with this? To give me more sexual energy, to make me cum more easily (not too easily lol) and to quit my “porn addiction” for good?

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Lastly, Belial is your goto for the ass kicking you will need.

Good luck


Thanks. I’ll try to evoke him tonight.