Help with Sekhmet

Hey guys , long time no see. Ive been a bit idle from the site, trying to stablize my mundane life. Anywaaays, I seen positive feedback with sekhmet and healing, Any more information about her(other than wikip) and how to call her? Im really used to using sigils and i tried looking for one and realized she isnt a demon XD.

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Lol demons aren’t the only beings with sigils, however, Sekhmet being the Daughter of Ra, you can call on her using the eye of Ra, or the sun disk. The eye of Ra because she is said to have been the eye that Ra sent out to punish mortals who conspired against him. So the eye of Ra is in a way also tied to her, but you could also get Ra, you’d just have to if you go this route focus on Sekhet herself instead of Ra.


I will comment in a minute. Need to do my intro. I have been initiated in the Egyptian pantheon and sekhmet is my patron goddess.


That’s awesome!

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Okay. I knew nothing about Sekhmet.
She’s a lion Goddess and is associated with war, too, not only diseases and their healing.

I remember once a female member of this Forum wanted me to contact Nut through her hieroglyphs because I had the need to.
I doubted the effectivity of connecting through hieroglyphs and still do. How should one do that?

Because it acts as a sigil.

Are you sure hieroglyphs can act like sigils?
They were letters and no personal symboles.
If you’re right one should be able to do ‘hieroglyph scrying’ with them, aye?

Yes they can be used as sigils their names.

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I only can believe that when I see it working.

Get to work :+1:

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Sekhmet (or as I call her, The Bitch) is your standard creator/destroyer deity, like Shiva in Hinduism. She’s good at either side of the coin. I work with her as Bast as mother archetypes and to cultivate feline energy.

You be careful with her. Like any lioness, she’s very emotional and temperamental. Lavish her with offerings, especially putting her statue or anything you use to represent her into direct sunlight. She also loves spicy things, especially ginger.

If you have an urgent matter of health, write her a note asking for help and put it and her vessel into direct sunlight, then leave it there until the sun sets. She’ll get right to it, as long as you’re respectful. If you’re new to her, it will curry her favor to give her a drop of blood, as well.


I ghetto caligriphied Liliths name and use it as a personal sigil. Words/letters have no difference from “standard” sigils. You should be able to call her with her name written out, but I would suggest just saying her name many times to call her.