Help with Sallos

So there was this girl I spoke to for a year and we both caught solid feelings for each other and we kind of got together. The problem was the girl’s family is really conservative and we had to end things after being together for a month. I genuinely love the girl and she does too but we had to end things as she didn’t see a future in this. I feel if we keep it going i can make something out of this but she’s confused. I really have to get back with her.

TL;DR I basically need to know how to commune/summon Sallos and ask for his help. Any kind of help would be appreciated.
P.S. I know this is a violation of her free will but I don’t really care about that at this point

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If she has feelings for you why Sallos? Why not invoke another demon to change her family’s mind about you instead?

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Because we still have a long way to go before I can actually do something about the family. I would like for her to be really sure about us being together.

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But you claimed you two already had “solid feelings for each other”:

So if you have solid feelings, then you don’t need to call Sallos just yet. If she didn’t see a future with you two, even though you have “solid feelings for each other” then you need to change her mind about your future. You can love and adore someone and not see a future with that person.

You need to call on an entity to change her mind and influence her to believe that you two have a future. If you two still have a long way to go, then you aren’t solid. If that’s the case, you can call Sallos all you want, she still won’t see a future with you if you don’t somehow change her mind about it. She feels that way because of her family.


Ive tried all I can but there’s no luck. We both got a long way because we are 19 right now and she really doesn’t get into relationships because again there should be a future to this. Its mostly because of religion as of now. Please tell me anyway I can make this work, With or without the help of sallos.

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Thanks to everyone here. I have a mixed feeling about how many candles one one can use for evocation at a time and also how many spirits can one contact in a day.
Can anyone help. Right now I sometimes use four and at times I use one and all this comes from books and articles I read. Thanks.

I’m not saying it won’t work, because it’s possible…but there are certain obstacles you might face, or are already facing, depending on the spell such as:

  1. Her will. She doesn’t see a future with you because of religion, so for now, she’s hell bent on not entering a relationship with you. Your will to be with her has to be stronger than her will to not be with you, if that makes sense.

  2. Her protection. The deity or higher power to whom she prays, her ancestors, her higher self etc.

  3. Your fear, reservations or doubt, as well as your obsession and desperation about your relationship with her.

Those are potential obstacles you may face when trying to win her back. I’m not saying it won’t happen, I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m just setting the table and laying out what can stand in the way.

I would get some divination done, to see if there are any obstacles at all, and if so, how to work through them.

To call on Sallos or any spirit, you can try a simple evocation or petition spell found here:

Or you can try this:

I hope I made sense. I tend to go off on tangents and ramble, but I mean well.

Good luck.


Really appreciate this. Would you say that I should invoke Sallos or should I invoke any other demon?

Also could you PM me? I’m new to this site and I don’t really know how to do that.

I have to agree with @QueenMustang here
The religious protection
Spells are amazing on athiests but when it comes to heavy religious people it doesnt seem to go through
You need a protection breaker to unlock her so the spell can get through
Trust me i was in love with a muslim and tried many spells on him and the family and none worked because of their protection.
This is really something to consider

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What would you suggest over here?

What would you like to discuss via PM? If it’s recommendations on spirits, we can discuss that here in the thread, as it might be helpful to anyone in a similar situation.

Edit to add:

I’ve already expressed my views on why Sallos may not be the correct spirit in this case. I’ve also noted which type of spirit on which you would have to call. I outlined the obstacles you could possibly face in this situation. I don’t know if those are actually obstacles though, which is why I suggested getting divination done, such as a reading.

Its not about the spirits , Its just something personal.


any suggestions on how to get it done? I’m sorry I’m new to most of this which is why i require alot of guidance.

It might be helpful to do a bit of research using the search function. I can’t recommend one particular method, that’s a conclusion you would have to draw on your own, as only you would know. Here are a few explaining divination:

If you’re interested in getting a reading, there are members here that periodically offer free readings to members. You have to be on the look out for the opportunities because the spots fill up fast.


There are professionals who can actually do protection stripping spells but those are highlt skilled and im not sure what the repurcussions would be on that
The only way you would find out if they have powerful protection is to try out some spells and see if they work

Could you tell me a love spell I could try?