Help with robbers (life or death)

So three people just broke into our home and took my fucking stuff and they threatend my dad and tried to get his money that he doesn’t have.

They’re not random people. We’ve known about them for a while since they wanted to burn our house down a while ago and apparently came to our house with weapons when I wasn’t home.

What can I do to get my stuff back and get them locked up? Will someone help me with this? It’s more life or death here.

I mean what can I do besides call the police? They’re already here.

I am really scared and don’t want them coming back or opening my ipad

Andromalius can help retrieve stolen property and punish the thieves who stole it.


Please stay in contact with the police, I don’t have enough info but I’ll try to help


The police are here, three in the house right now and more outside with dogs looking for the people who came into our home. So far two out of three are caught


Update us? There’s not much magick can do that quickly if I’m honest. I’m not saying you shouldn’t try but the main thing is to get your non magickal resources first. Please correct me if I’m wrong though❤️

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They will get the 3rd and all of them will be fucked. No worries :slight_smile:


The police can’t do much for now and they’re going home so if that one guy comes back with friends we are still unarmed besides a sword and kitchen knives.
They haven’t found my stuff yet or the third guy.
I really want my stuff back and for them to pay for what they did.

I don’t know if I’ll even go to sleep since there’s no one but us to protect us for now.

Maybe I can put some sort of protection over the house? But maybe that one do anything since it’s actual human beings and not spirits

I don’t have enough info about the situation, I’m only working to get them all locked up, with some extra pain in the process. That should allow you to deal with the source of the issue without a threat.

All I know now is that there are 3 of them. 2 down, one is left. That’s all I need to know at the moment. We will see what happens.

Good luck, stay safe.


Thank you. I will be contacting andromalius to try and get my stuff back, seems like he works fast from what I’ve read and I really want my stuff back and for them all to suffer.


Yes, I used him for this and he works well and fast.

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Update: The police found my stolen ipad

@dagar @PrinceX


Thank you so much for the update, Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

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