Help with reconciliation?

First of all, I apologize for the long post, but I think it’s better to include context for a better assessment of the situations and what measures should be taken.

As the title says, I need help regarding reconciliation with a former partner.
The breakup was recent and sudden, with him stating he doesn’t have any negative feelings towards me, and no third party is involved, and we even spoke a week after because I was curious about what caused the breakup (he was vague, so I did a tarot reading, which left me even more confused). Also worth noting that he said he also feels shitty in this context, but he didn’t hint at us getting back together. For magickal context, I have done reconciliation, domination spells, love bindings, and even break up spells before on another person - they were all successful. After lurking on here, I noticed that most people believe that you should detach yourself from the outcome and move on, but from my past experience, desperation (no point in hiding it here, imho) always worked best for me, granting accurate and fast results. I tried to detach myself from the outcome, but honestly, I can’t. I’ve been making efforts towards reconciliation daily since the day of the break up itself, but nothing seems to be working. A list of what I have tried (please keep in mind that all of these were successful in the past with the other person):

  • Petitions

  • Created a servitor to fill his thoughts of me and get him to contact me

  • Candle spells

  • Visualisation

  • Subliminals (made my own, using his full name, clearly stating my intentions, included boosters, etc)

  • Communication spells (writing a letter and keeping it in your phonecase)

  • Sigils

Nothing seems to be working. I keep dreaming about us being together again, but only once did I dream of the actual reconciliation happening. There is a strong connection based on trust and intimacy and love between us, and as far as I’m aware, he doesn’t practice magick nor know anyone else other than me who does.
I’ve checked all threads that relate with what I need, but it was always something I’d already done, something I can’t do due to being on lockdown with other people, or entities I am not ready/fit to contact (either due to lockdown, not having supplies, or failed attempts in the past). As for posessions of his, I have a picture of us together that I focused on (I’m not willing to burn/pierce/sacrifice it in any way), a picture of him that I took, a lighter, and a box. I am also working on myself during this period, mainly through working out and reading, but I am starting to become really desperate, as our 2 years anniversary is in a few weeks. I need all the help I can get. Any and all help, insight or advice is very much appreciated.

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It has been two years. Why don’t you move on? You should work on a spell to let go, and another spell to find love. You deserve happiness. Nothing is working because he is probably not the person for you. It has been 2 years.

Sorry, I may have expressed myself poorly (English is not my first language). We have been together for two years and broke up recently (less than a month ago).

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I think they mean its 2 year anniversary. The break up is recent. Unless I misread op

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Sorry I can’t be of help and wish you success as we have similar aims, but may I ask you how does one create a servitor to make her think of me?

I can detect your desperation (because I have in me too) and you should probably be more patient and limit your lust for results. I know, been there. It’s easier said than done but everyone agrees it’s what hurts our results most.


I’m no expert, but what I did was first of all, to prepare myself before creating the servitor - wrote everything down, what it would be called, its sigil and appearance, its purpose and what it has to do to achieve it, how it would be “fed”, and its deadline. Then I went over the details again, rephrasing what was wrong or vague (from “servitor makes X think of me” to “servitor makes X randomly find something I gave him/pictures of us/X’s parents ask him about me/songs he associates with me pop up in his recommended/etc”). After I got the new details down on another piece of paper, I started gathering my energy, focusing on my intent, visualising the servitor coming into existence, then I went over the details again to the servitor. If you plan to do this, make sure to include a deadline and a “once this servitor has fulfilled its purpose, it ceases to exist” clause. I fed mine by visualising its sigil and appearance (it was a cartoon-ish animal) in my mind and visualising giving it my energy. Make sure no one knows your servitor’s name or sigil! As I said, I’m no expert on servitors, I got all of the information from a youtube video tbh, but others I made fulfilled their purpose in the past (whether it was regarding reconciliation or money, knowledge etc). I hope this helps, and I hope you get her back soon!



I would recommend you start working on yourself. Cleanse yourself and space. Focus on elevating your vibrational energy. I would prepare some attraction and seduction baths too. I would personally do the attraction and seduction baths for about 7 days. I would also begin using domination and control oils. I like to put a little behind my ears, neck, and I like to massage the oil into my scalp. You gotta prepare yourself. Feel good about you. Get yourself in the right mind set and energy. I would also recommend masturbation magick during this time. I would then work on a reconciliation spell. Wait for him to come to back. Take it slow. Don’t be DESPERATE. Don’t be blowing up his phone. Continue to work domination, seduction, etc. Magick on him.

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I agree with @draca
Work with yourself, make yourself the person you would fall in love with.
Another basic rule of love spells is NO CONTACT, AT ALL.
Take advantage of this time to know you better, fill yourself with self enjoyment, embrace your good qualities. That’s the most powerful spell I suggest.
I tried everything, from Pomba Gira to Santa Muerte, sigils, etc, and the only way they will help me is if I own myself, get my shit together, move on, and let things happen. I devoted myself to my Lady Babalon, and ask her to help me be a better person, a free woman, and amazingly is the only thing that has worked OVERNIGHT. I feel much better, and I don’t hope anymore, I KNOW he’s gonna come back for I am a magnificent Goddess, if you know what I mean.

Get your shit together, and be the best version of yourself. Everything will come to the right place in time. AND LET GO

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You should call on a Love Demon, like Sallos. You shouldn’t be afraid of anything since they only want to do good to us. To call him you need nothing more than his Sigil (you can draw it).There are evocation guides that use salt, flour, incense and other stuff but I found out that with a sigil (and a good offering) is enough.
He’s helped me very recently so I can say without any doubt that he can help you.

Also, do you know what caused the breakup? Demons are extremely powerful but if you don’t put some effort on the phisycal world nothing is gonna happen. A two year relationship is a long one, and sometimes long relationships fall into those routines in which you keep seeing the person just because you’re used to it. You should totally analyze what went wrong and find a solution to it. Also you should work on yourself: your body, your mind, your soul.


from my perspective the relation needs healing. try ho’opono pono. most times even if the target is feeling all these things for you still wont contact you. because s/he doesnt know how to deal with it before u . how to structure his feelings and convey them to u. or may be the target is already assuming things in their head if he comes back you would act a certain way and he doesnt know how to deal with it and in much larger scale doesnt wanna deal with it.

may be whenever he thinks of u , hes thinking if i call she’ll there desperately trying to get back into a full fledge relation and hes not really comfortable with that idea.

in no manner i am an expert on magic. but i am trying to perceive your situation from a psychological perspective.

may be if u break the ice first he’d feel comfortable to talk about how hes feeling about you. or may be not in relation whoever expresses their feelings first … loses .
so use ur intuition there.

as they say every spell is always coming. so may be hes already feeling these feelings but doesnt act on because his innate feelings are telling him “it will end up like before”
so maybe also work on his limiting beliefs. magick i believe is so much so energy , deities and also psychology.

if i were u. id make multiple servitors without deadlines. for each aspect of his nature. like desiring you, wanting to communicate with you, removing limiting beliefs with you, etc etc.


I completely agree with this. It’s not that he/she does not feel anything for you but that they don’t know how to interpret them.


Thank you! This lockdown is the perfect time to work on myself, and it’s definitely him who has to contact me this time, since it wouldn’t hurt him to get over his ego.

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Thank you!! Self love really is the best love after all

Daaaang @draca can you help a sister out!! i🖤it

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Thank you for your reply! To be completely honest, contacting a Demon was one of my first thoughts, and I spent some time thinking whether I should try contacting Sallos, Dantalion or Beleth, but I have attempted this in the past with no results, and I’m genuinely afraid of offending them. Also, from what I remember from my last attempt at this (which was 3 years ago), one should only try this if they’re alone in a space, which isn’t the case for me, as I’m stuck with my two siblings at all times during this lockdown. However, please let me know if this is just a myth, please let me know!

From what he told me, it was because he was tired of conflicts, which is funny, because we only ever “argued” three times in two years, and our “arguments” never involved shouting, insults, personal attacks nor abuse, they always came from a mindset of fixing a situation, with both of us taking responsibility when we were guilty of something. The break up was “caused” by me asking him to at least communicate with me during this lockdown. This is why I’m so confused - we always used to talk things through, none of our so called fights were toxic, and we always tried to become better versions of ourselves, for ourselves and for eachother.

Sure, how can I help?

Thank you! I never thought about it that way, so the input on psychology gave me a new perspective. Also, creating multiple servitors does sound like a much better idea than only making one.
Is it ok for a white person to practice ho’opono pono?

i dont think any technique of meditation or god or deity or demon will ask your skin color before u manifest. the constitute of every being is that we are all energy.

heres a link that might help you.

also check “everyone is you pushed out.”

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Well, considering that the practice of ho’oponopono gained widespread usage through the books of a white guy named Joe Vitale, I’d say yes, it’s perfectly fine.

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Thank you so much for all your help, I’m definitely going to try this!