Help with procedures to start magic

Hello wise Masters… please I wish to know if it’s a must to have an alternative in place first… before practising any magical exercise… ? I’m constrained now living with father and won’t have privacy to put up an altar at all… and I think with that I won’t be able to do anything …not even to summon demons or whatever I wish to work with…is it so .

Can anyone help me with procedures on how to execute any exercise without having altar incase of space unavailability…
I wish to do some exercise and seek help from some demons…#bune. but I don’t know how to start or what to do… but I’m prepared and anxious…

Again as a starter here… I don’t know what demon to start with…any advice will be helpful…

Though basically I’m interested in freedom first by getting money needed to have own apartment… so any demon that can speed up process will be greatly appreciated… and how to contact such demon… I trust my power of mediation in the past…as it’s potent enough to getting me what I wanted to achieve real quick… but I have never summoned any spiritual being in the past… and I’m damn blunt about believe to what my Christian religious background preaches about Lucifer or satan to be fake as brainwashing to achieving their bigotry and shield others away from exhibiting their inner self and potential. My inclination about magical world is strong and pure that’s been helping me achieving success in the past on my spiritual exercise.

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Actually, almost all of your questions have been answered in the BALG FAQ, please check it out.

Also, it’s true that Christinity has holes everywhere, so you should really not believe it, at least before you try things yourself.

As for spirits to help you with money and wealth, there are already some really amazing posts on the forum. Make sure to use the search function to find them.

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Thanks for the eye opener… I really appreciate. I’ll check it out.

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I have all the space and privacy I want and I still don’t use altars, for me, I’d only put up an altar if an entity asked me to, and none of them have yet. So I don’t think it’s a block unless you choose to make it one.


I used to have a “bar furniture”
with some glasses and other stuff
none could ever recognize the altar was there it was invisible to everyone they only could see a bar
but I had glasses with water for some entities some “decorating candles” etc

so you could try to do it on your space, your desk for example; try to blend things with the environment.
for example as for the air (athame, knife, sword, etc) try a letter opener, for the water, (goblet, chalice, etc) just use a mug or a glass it might not be as ceremonial and elegant but if you consecrate them they will work
so you see, altar invisibility is simple :wink:

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I’m more than grateful for your constructive response,… i’ll look into it but i admit it’s a nogo area from my father who happened to be a staunch muslim and will strike life outta me once i try something out of islamic practices within his reach,… But i’ll be putting things together soon and get an apartment of my own…

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Have you ever worked on the astral plane?
if you have practice enough on this you can build your temple in there
you can also do rituals etc, without been noticed.

Thank you for your contribution… I look forward to having more tutelage from you,. Please can you advice what demon i can summon first as a beginner. Then i like to know if it’s compulsory to have all the requirements(honey,colored candles, and particular incense mentioned, and every other stuffs as require,…? before i can summon any demon,…) REASON for asking was that most requirements needed are not readily available in my part of the world(Country/location) except importation from stores online and will take ages to arrive,.and Customs headache at times may prevent such from finding it’s way to me,… PLEASE ARE THERE ANY METHOD/MEANS TO MAKE SUBSTITUTE IN REPLACING REQUIREMENTS THAT ARE NOT AVAILABLE,… Sincere apologies for typing in all caps

Thanks for your response,… And no i havent tried anything ASTRAL even when i was practicing kabalah., But i have read about it,. I left kaballah since i realised that my instincts is tending towards LEFT MAGICAL WORLD which is kind of different from most of what my rabbi told me,. But i did enjoyed my spiritual exercise performed on my altar in those days,… I affirmed they were all effective even beyond my expectations. But i’m ready to trying out new things as i have finally gotten here,. I’m here to learn for the betterment of my spiritual life.

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Since you asked…
You might like to know, I’m not going to read it any louder if you write in ‘shouty’ capitals, and don’t apologise and do it anyway - either do it and stand by your actions or don’t - only apologise if you wished you’d done it different and can’t undo it. Otherwise your apology is a lie: are you really a liar though? I suggest using paragraph separations (not ellipses) and italics or bold as a way to make your post easy to read with emphasis in the places you want it.

If you read just a few posts into this forum you will already know which daemons get recommended fpr beginners, and rather than insult you by assuming you didn’t take any time to read up here at all, or use the Search for "demons for newbies’, I’ll refrain from repeating that info.

Think about what daemons you’ve heard of and which ones draw you. Try those first.

You are a non-physical entity incarnate in to a human body trying to communicate with another non-physical entity. Why would anything physical matter, to you or to the spirit? That’s a serious question, and the answer will be personal to you. Does it matter to you? If you don’t know why you want a certain object in your ritual, why would you want it at all?

If you want an object, ask yourself what energy it’s bringing to the working?
Once you know that, you can look around for something else that brings in that energy for you. For example, did you want a red candle for the energy of war? Then get something else that represents war to you, like a knife, a pointed stone, a piece of paper where you wrote down your intent to attack.

To ME, the physical doesn’t matter much, I create the energy and intention I want within myself, and I may do the whole ritual in the astral or elsewhere, or in my mind. I like to use poppets for sympathetic magic. I like to use a sigil or seal for a first contact but tend to rely on the established contact after that. (Once the number is saved in your phone you don’t have to keep tapping it out right?)

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Thanks for that write up… Mostly appreciated and i have learnt more now,. I admit i failed utilizing the search well due to nervousness but henceforth i’ll stick to it. Thanks for your valued response here. As for the object availability,. I was only trying to be sure of asking,. so i don’t get to do things from my thinking and end up messing with the demons and have a bad result on me… As i’ll always like a fair and level playing ground of relationship between me and demon summoned,. and not that one will be dominating the other. But i so much appreciate you. Thanks alot.