Help with possible troll problem, please


That sucks, well coming from me at least. I hate kids, they’re so slimy and annoying.


The only mechanic spirits I know of are trolls and now gremlins


Kids are great. Unless stressed out, because they’re emotional powerhouses with no regulation ability at all.


I heard some goblins and ancient kobolds (dwarf like) as well so I just say mechanical earth spirits. But in today’s world who’s to say elemental, fae, dragons and more aren’t mechanically inclined? I didn’t even mention those in the Goetia.


Well, there’s that but I just don’t like them. They’re so god damn annoying to me.


Mmmm Okay i’ll look into their lore and see what I find
I study the fae and spirits related to them as my main path and the only type of spirit that is good with mechanics is the troll. Though, I haven’t looked much into them all yet.


You too? I make tills freeze in the Supermarkets and the Vibe plate at my Salon I use just dies when I use it sometimes. The electric in my house flips, not just this one, but past houses too. Toasters blow up, the list goes on.


yes. It’s a very long list. No electronics work for long. I have over two phone purchases a year.


My last question as I do not want to ruin the thread… Do you make glass shatter? that is the worst for me in high emotional states


If it is PK energy throwing, then controlling anger and stress emotions will lead to less stuff malfunctioning. I used to get a fair bit but not so much recently with stress reductions.


no, I’ve not done that, that I know of. I’d say that’s super excitation of energetic vibrations maybe.


I had that problem for a short time. Lol


I know 2 people like this. As long as I’ve known them, they’ve had trouble with cars and within the family. However, it extends beyond cars. Luck, Money, relationships, appliances, so on. Classic blood curse symptoms.

Uncrossings can’t hurt


So he fixes the cars himself?


Yeah, is that so strange?


I agree. When I was hexed some years back by a Wiccan(before my LHP work) my car engine blew and it got smashed up soon after randomly. The Car issues could be part of a hex. Protection and uncrossing


No it’s not strang. But might want to try taking it to a professional maybe they might find somthing he is not.


Ok, though, he is a pro at this.


Ok did not know that. Was just an off the cuff thought anyway. :grin:


That’s fine :+1: