Help with once a month anxiety

No. To establish full control over your body, you have to discipline it with your will. For example, try to sit absolutely still for 15 minutes. Don’t allow your body to fidget, or yawn, or swallow.

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Ok. I’m still doing your ‘pause’ technique before taking any action and I don’t rush, I take my time. I thought that was enough to be in control. I’m starting your meditation technique if that makes me become in full control of myself. Any more techniques that can make me become in full control of myself?

You have to remember that discipline takes time, and effort. Doing the techniques I have mentioned isn’t going to suddenly give you absolute control. It’s not an immediate panacea. However, bit by bit, you will eventually bring your body under your will if you practice.

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So you’re saying those who do not do this technique aren’t in full control of themselves?

you have to condition. Make it so the thoughts translate to the physical body. that takes practice. It’s a mind/body connection . It’s a skill.

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And what about the unpleasant thoughts that I get? The unpleasant feelings makes me want to act on it even if I don’t want to, almost against my will. What do I do? Do you know an easy way to stop that? Do your pausing technique? I’m doing your meditation soon and sorry for bugging you but this is my very last obstacle that I need to get rid of, I’m already at 90% positive rate :wink:

Ok mate, just planning things out but thank you

Learn to control thinks that actually you can for example your food your look upon the world what you do what you think belief etcetc.

Don’t stress over thinks that aren’t in your hands.

A life saver at least for me.

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Ty for the good advice !!!

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No, that is not what I am saying. There are different levels of control, though.

I think your biggest problem is your excessive worrying. Nothing can make you act on a thought if you don’t want to. You’re not really out of control, you just seem to think you are. Apply some logic to these unpleasant feelings and you will see this. It is easy to resist a thought if you pause, and question it.


Ur the saviour I swear if I could do anything to repay u I’d do it

You have to learn to live in the body. Your too in the head. mental games on self. that’s why you feel you have no control. Cuz your in the head. You haven’t understand or actualize the concept that one’s thoughts/beliefs affect body. This is due to being in the head thinking too much. It’s also called dissociation of the body. Most people have issues being present in the body. Hence , why @darkestknight told you to do meditation. it’s to train awareness and being in the NOW.

We tell you all these things to help you consciously , yet it is pointless without understanding it in actual practice. It’s time to put action work rather than pondering in the head of infinite questions. Understanding is not a requirement of learning the skills. Analytical folks tend to want the mental explanation. That’s just another layer that slows down processing things.

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I’m putting work already, thanks for the info

Can you elaborate?? I can’t seem to apply logic at my unpleasant feelings, I just follow your advice because I’m not the best at it myself, and what you said about pausing really works, so I almost every time rely on your advice. I hope this is my last time asking advice because I hate bugging people


I think you are misunderstanding what I’m saying. You seem to think that you have to control everything and that just isn’t possible. Your mind and body go through a billion different processes you aren’t even aware of every second of every day.

Like I said above, you are not really out of control, you only think that you are, and because you think you have no control over your thoughts, you don’t. By worrying about these unpleasant thoughts the way you are, you are giving them more power than they would otherwise have over you.

You need to let them go. Learn to passively observe your thoughts. Realise they are not you, and you are not them. They are just dust laying upon the surface of your mind. They come and they go, and you can just sit back and watch them, without judgement, without concern. There is not a single thought that you can have that can ever “make you act on it even if you don’t want to.”


Ok I think that’s enough advice asking from you, even though I want more, I’ll stop here. I guess I’ll just have to remind myself that I’m never out of control and find a way how not to worry about it so it can’t have power over me. It’s hard to not be concerned if the thoughts are that unpleasant. I guess I’ve got much more to learn, thanks @DarkestKnight

What type of control is this then?? @DarkestKnight

Hi @DarkestKnight

How is it a fact that I’m not out of control? No matter how unpleasant the feelings get, how do I know that it is a fact that I’m never out of control at that moment? Can you explain me the different types of control?

I so hate to say this: i need help with my previous reply, but at the same time I hate to bug people, but still positive of hearing a reply from you if Im lucky enough…