Help with once a month anxiety

I get anxiety once a month now and I’m doing better. But once I get it, I feel vulnerable and coping almost doesn’t work. I fear being mind controlled by people, and people reading my thoughts and dark spirits who I see as a threat at my vulnerable point. These are the final things I have to deal with and when I find something to cope with it, I definitely won’t have anxiety for months and then years, sorry for sharing this


Call upon Letana, the Angel of Courage from Kingdoms of Flame. She “gives strength in times of distress.”

There is a mantra Xag_darklight channelled from her that you could recite when you feel your anxiety begin to flare up:

“Ayashayim Letana, bring courage.”


Thanks so it was courage I was lacking and I always ignored it!! How stupid, gonna do a ritual now

It’s not courage per se, but mental strength. Think of it as encouragement. What the mantra does is it calls upon Letana to help fortify your mind, clear any blockages caused by excessive worry, and give you a feeling of “I can get through this.”

Letana is like a personal cheerleader.



I’m done, one question Apart from the chant which I’m implementing ::

Have you gone through any of wat I mentioned?? Does mind control exist? What and how should I think at those times or how would You think if you were mind controllled or think you’re mind controlled?? I’m trying to cover all aspects to I won’t have anxiety like this !

And thank u for Letana btw :wink:

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No, I have never gone through what you have described, sorry.

What you are describing is known as paranoia, and excessive paranoia can be a sign of mental illness. It generally comes from a feeling of lack of control over one’s life.

One thing you can do is start taking back control over decisions in your life. Start small, and slowly begin to assert your authority. Pause before taking any action, and ask yourself, “Is it me who wants to do this, or am I just going along with what others want me to do?” Don’t rush, listen, and trust yourself.

Mind control does exist, but logically, you should question why anyone would want to control your mind. Unless you are a person of importance, or wealthy, or have something someone wants to take from you, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, so my advice would be to pause any time such thoughts come up, take a breath, chant the mantra to help clear your mind, and then try to think about the question rationally.

You are welcome :slight_smile:


I made a charm and asked Freya to bless it for me. It helped a lot.

I’ve been using a subliminal that works too.

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How do you work with these gods?? I only work with angels and demons because I couldn’t find a book about Norse Egyptian and Greek etc…

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I use an online /my own prayer to connect with them and then form a relationship. Sometimes they come to me first.

I personally find them to be more reliable than Angels or Demons.

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That’s what I was thinking… new variaties and knowing more about them and finding out how reliable they are, most of us are only familiar with angels and demons and rarely get to try other gods, thanks for sharing this with me!! Are they just as quick as demons are??

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Gods are more invested in your well being if you’re close with or they like you. So they may take a bit longer

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That’s ok, I can make a spirit make me more patient and start working with them !

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Sorry to bring this up again, but does that mean that I’m actually in control over my mind and body at all times?

if it’s only once a month, medicine could probably help with that?


Hey I think Paimon,Azazel and Raphael can help

Yes, if you choose to be. Both the mind and the body must be disciplined by your will, though, otherwise they will go off and do their own thing.

You discipline the mind by meditation, and the body through physical exercise and stillness practice.

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Okay. I do as well this, I tell myself in my mind for example: lift your left leg up, lift your right leg up, lift up your right arm and lift up your left arm. proceeds to lift left leg up, then right leg, then right arm and then left arm up

Whatever I say in my mind, my body will follow. Is this enough to know that I’m in full control?


anxiety is just fear emotion about future of any subject/situation/events etc. that express strongly into the physical body… Stop thinking negative about future and it goes away. You can also do hypnosis regression to find the trigger cause and remove it.

take control of your emotions and it goes away

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