Help with obsession

I need help from anyone who is willing to help me. My ego is beyond hurt and I cannot control my rage. I have tried numerous obsession spells, nothing works. This guy didn’t even bother replying to the birthday text I sent him today. Please don’t tell me to move on or whatever, I move on my making him regret the way he treated me, my making me be obsessed with me, that’s how I win and how I can let this go.

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I’ll be completely honest and say I definitely know what this feels like. I hate being ignored. Like, you can’t take five seconds to answer me? Taking time out to remember someone on their special day and your efforts being ignored hurts, I don’t care what anyone says.

I was just in this situation last year. I took all the rage and anger I felt, lit a candle and called Dantalion. He can cause obsession, but I felt like he could also take it away. I raged and ranted, let everything out, all my feelings and felt a lot better afterwards. It may not be much but it helped.

Whatever you do though, don’t be quick to react in anger and send any negative text or communication with him, you don’t want to set your work back.

Meditations may help. Instead of focusing on the now, try to redirect that anger and energy into focusing on your end result, how good you’ll feel once you get what you want…or just totally withdrawing from the situation and trying to put your mind on something else may help.

I hope you feel better soon & good luck.


I have tried reaching Dantalion but no luck :pensive: do you have any tips?

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Each person will have different affects from the same entities. Some resonate more strongly with one person than another.

However, there is a Success thread and these entities can usually do their “opposite” reactions, too. It’s a large thread, lots of possibilities. Magnifying glass in the upper right screen.

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I’ve searched and searched and searched this forum. I didn’t really see many successful stories regarding obsession spells. If you know any please let me know.

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Fair enough.

I guess, I need to ask, are you mostly looking for payback or obsession?

Obsession without equal attraction can result in harm and death with the wrong people.

I see decapitations, dismemberments, and senseless disfigurements to keep me conditioned to what I saw in Iraq.

For your safety, I would frame these scenarios in. I don’t know your target.

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Is it ok if I PM you?

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You can, but caution is all I can say. I don’t known the people involved.

do some calming breathing work.

when i was completely obsessed mode i would listen to beats and redirected my focus on finding real love instead of just a feeling

mediation is also good