Help with Naahmah offerings

Is secrecy necessary to give offerings to Naamah? From what I read she is also identified as Mother Earth, so she would be everywhere in nature and no secrecy is required.

How can she help me besides sex and lust? I’m not very interested in these things, and in the search bar I didn’t find much but lust and sex.

which best offerings? (considering that I will give the offering in the wild. Can i give at the daylight?

She can help with divination, recognizing and utilizing fear, understanding the shadow of the external world and how it is incorporated within you as an individual, and in general opening yourself up to being a creature of nature as opposed to being outside of it like our species likes to define ourselves. I actually have quite a bit of my workings with her in my recent journal posts if you want to take a look at it.

As far as offerings go, chocolate is a BIG one. Also, music, wine/fruity beer, meat, and pretty much anything you wish to give out of sincerity.


@Draggus Blood, wine, fruits that are red.


I devoted 2 candles for her, purple and black one.
I offered sexual fluids and energy, fruits like apples, berries, cherries etc, she loves insense recipes devoted to her, lots of things which are closely connected to the Earth like she is actually.


She’s all about pleasure. Things that you learn she likes as well as things that give you feelings of pleasure. Share those experiences through invocation. Whenever you’re enjoying anything that satisfies an urge, share that. I’ll also add that she’s absoultely wonderful. She was the first to acknowledge me. Extremely useful in situations where discomfort can be overwhelming, example would be a migraine. There’s also times she’s shares feelings of ecstasy.

Naamah is a perfect healer. A true Empath. She empowers magic too All kinds.

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