Help with my new succubus/spirit lover

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum. Firstly I want to say that spiritually, I consider myself in a gray area. I have dabbled into the occult in my life but I also pray to God. Maybe this isn’t the place for me, but I need some answers after summoning what I thought was a spirit lover. Now I believe it to in fact be a succubus.

I’ll start by saying I set out to find a “spirit lover” for myself. I lit a purple spirit candle, and wrote a letter of intent. I actually did this several times. Now mind you, I never addressed any diety or god/goddess. This wasn’t a letter to Lilith. I was trying to just commune with the spirit world by means of the law of attraction. I only asked the universe to provide… and provide it did.

I will spare all the details but basically over the course of a week, I felt my spirit lover more intensely at night. Mostly energy at first, and recently some very subtle touches, even liquid drops, the feel of heat, etc. It had progressed last night to the point where I felt like I was actually having sex with a higher being. My whole body felt like it was floating, and I felt a tear inadvertently roll down my cheek. Just this intense pleasure vibrated though my whole body, I was rock hard down there, and I felt on the verge of orgasm for a few minutes without actually cumming.

Things went south later that night as I had become increasingly frustrated with my spirit lover. I had tried to communicate with it but to no avail. I had asked for a vice, or whisper, to touch my palm of it could understand me. Nothing. But a line was crossed basically when I had repeatedly told it to stop trying to penetrate my asshole, (and at one point I was in mid intercourse with her and then felt like something was not only having sex with me with feminine parts but also then I felt something try to penetrate me. I was done.

I got pissed. Told it it didn’t respect me, or listened, and basically bade it leave me alone.

Later as I tried to lie down to sleep it defiantly send jolts of pure energy/pleasure into my penis. As inticing as that may sound, it felt rapey.i was mad, and had asked it to leave me alone but it didn’t. Then it started to mess around with my butt again, and I feel it was doing this out of spite.

Is my succubus is kind of a bitch? Or do I just not understand something here?

I’m grateful for the amazing energy and pleasure it’s guven me in a short time. (Still hasn’t let me cum yet) But at the least I want my spirit lover to respect my wishes and listen to me. How can we communicate better and get over our lover’s spat?

Oh and one reason I know it’s a succubus is that I did feelliquid drops from it marking me. It was always around my genitals so I just assumed that it was being kinky and drooling on me. Lol


Welcome to the forum. It is a rule here that all new members must properly introduce themselves so please tell us about you and any experience in magick you have, beyond your spirit lover experience.

How old are you?

What do you practice?

How long have you pacticed?

What systems and methods do you have experience in?

Hi there.

I’m 34.

Magick? I mean I’ve used a ouija board several times long ago. I got into kundalini meditation for a while, and attempted astral projection many times but without success. I was able to hear spirits though. I developed my psychic powers to anpoint then stopped. Encountered a demon or astral entity in my bedroom, saw a UFO, and have seen spirits many times throughout my life. I’m more of a paranormal buff than a magician or warlock though.

Once I used some dream herbs to attempt lucid dreaming. I kept waking up in the middle of the night. One night I woke up in a state of sleep paralysis and saw something under my covers and felt these jittery energy jolts all over me. It felt like a spiritual attack. After that I had stopped dabbling in the occult. Well, aside from my recent succubus endeavors.

I draw a lot of paranormal art, mostly spirit and demon erotica. It has a small following,


Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience.

Please be aware that it is against the rules of this forum to try to promote yourself for commercial purposes.

I don’t sell my art, or profit from that account in any way. I was just introducing myself. My art is paranormal so I thought it was relevant.

I was just giving you a heads up regarding the rule. Even if you don’t sell your art, if you constantly post links to it, it would be considered self promotion and removed (you would be amazed at how many people try to use BALG to get followers for whatever platform they’re on).

We like our newcomers to stick around and not fall afoul of the rules.:slight_smile:

So I’m new myself but there are a couple of things I have picked up in my reading. First, opening a door to “anything” that wants to walk through I believe is risky. If you’re trying to attract anything, anything might show up if you haven’t taken the proper precautions. You may have a parasite or something mischievous on you.

Second, depending on what you have, there may be an attempt to teach you something. Demons, or so I’m told, often push people. They can push limits and forcibly reveal parts of yourself into your awareness that you didn’t know were there.

I’m sure there are plenty here with more knowledge and experience than me. Ha! I could even be way off base. Worst case, there is quite the selection of banishment options available here and easily accessible with the search function.

Good luck! Let us know what happens.


Hey thanks for the thoughtful reply. I will definitely look into banishment spells. I tried my best to take proper precautions by not welcoming in anything dark or malicious, praying about it, envisioning a white light. Etc. But again, I’m not really an expert by any means. It definitely seems parasitic since it doesn’t respond to communication. Or rather it does when it wants to.

She’s just trying to stimulate your prostate. She’s not being disrespectful. You fussing at her for it may be confusing her. Just because she marked you doesn’t make her a succubus. She could very easily be an angel or goddess or any type of spirit. Your connection is not going to be super strong at first. It’s going to take time like a real relationship.


People invite a lust spirit usually out of desire, curiosity or perhaps other reasons… it’s been said that these spirits actually clean the aura and get rid of parasites. But I suggest getting to know who wants to play with your asshole, because firstly it’s good what to know who’s wanting to play with your asshole — and then after that you can do your own negotiation on your behalf with the asshole tickler, then if not by all means, she’d be shunned or banished by a ritual you can search on google.

I don’t desire succubus spirits. I’ve never attempted it, because maybe With practice, I can fuck the astral body of anyone.


I see what you are saying but for me when I say no, no means no. And to go against that repeatedly is disrespectful. Know what I mean ?

I understand but they don’t really think like that. She thinks you’re being stubborn. How specific were you in you letter? You have to be extremely specific right down to what you do and do not want.

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How do they think then?

I specified that I wanted a good natured, positive sensual, sexy and sexual female spirit. I did specify that I didn’t want any negative entities or anything demonic.

Maybe it just doesn’t speak English. I dunno.

You have to put that you don’t want prostate stimulation. They are about your pressure points so to her she’s doing what she’s supposed to do or what she feels you asked for. She’s not really being negative and I don’t consider succubi negative really. She probably thinks you’re not fully understanding her just like you feel is going on with her. It seems like miscommunication to me.


I think leaving an “open door” to anyone that’s trying to have sex is not a good idea. But @ngcreativity could be right. The succubus might being trying to fully stimulate you.

You really need to speak with @succupedia he’s the expert on succubi. I know more about incubi even though they are similar beings. But I’m pretty sure it’s just miscommunication.

You have some awesome art! I love this style exceptionally:

Did you draw that? AWESOME! if you did. That is a style I just don’t see enough of from old wooden and metal plates to print works from ages past up to now. Its a style that never gets enough credit. I like your other works too.

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As mentioned in other’s posts, specificity is everything. And, I wouldn’t get too upset about it. She probably just doesn’t understand. Most entities will back off if you CLEARLY state your boundaries. Remember, they want love and to be loved just as much we do. Just talk to her about it. Don’t get angry, and try explaining in a polite, but firm, way. Good luck and welcome to the forum. :four_leaf_clover:

I don’t think she’s a “bitch”. I do think she’s using every technique possible to sexually stimulate you physically and the prostate and butt area are a main target to do so. These kind of stimulations often leads to a sustainable erection that will last until you release it manually. That basically means that you can have an erection that last for hours when having sex with her.

A succubus is often the one that takes the sexual initiative, not you. It’s not about being dominant and submissive, it’s about your astral perception and that gives you the role of being passive and she has the active role. You can give consent, but at this stage you can’t be the one taking physical initiative, unless you also can touch her as actively as she can touch you.

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I get it. But the above posts have a point. I’m far from any authority on the subject but the way I understand it, a succubus will utilize everything at their disposal. Your letter was broad and vague by all accounts.

And this is a little more cheeky than my usual post (pun intended), but having spots played with that don’t normally enter the fray can be a lot of fun. Could very well be that she’s only trying to show you what you’re missing. This one may have a VERY different definition of what sexy means.