Help with my energy magik and spirit connection

Hi all I’m trying to learn magik and contact my first spirit to work with can anyone scan me and my energy and magik that I have so I can understand it better and to help me use my energy and magik to contact and work with a spirit suitable to me I would love and help I can get also can anyone feel any strange energy or spirit around me or trying to contact me been getting tingling sensation at random times


You should just work with whomever you’re drawn to. There’s a saying, “If you’re thinking about a spirit, he’s thinking about you.”

Slava Bogum


From my experience, nobody is gonna do this for you. You’ll probably get good book recommendations and some mockery at best. But don’t be discouraged because It’s nothing personal.

People here sometimes have secret vendettas and magickal wars going on all the time, so they can be a bit skittish. Besides, a scan is kind of intimate. Safety first.


Like the guy up there said no one will dot his for you (trust me) the best you get is spirits who do the heavy lifting for you, but even then that takes trust and some form of effort.

You have ties to Greek and Roman pantheon as well as Hindu gods. I got Shiva, Apollo, Mercury/Hermes, and Aphrodite.

Learn to meditate its very helpful. Go with whatever magick or deities sound cool to you.

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