Help with my ajna chakra

When i work on mi Ajna chakra y feel like im getting into a trance or getting asleep i dont know exactly and y feel like little moments of ecstasy when i come back from that moments of “inconsciousness” but i never stop recitating the mantra. And this doesnt happen with any other chakra and im not sleepy at any moment of doing it.
Anyone knows what is this and if its means something?
Thank you

Sounds like you are slipping into a state of true meditation

The weird thing is that i insconsiously think of crazy things like when you are about to get asleep and the fact that i never stop recitating the mantra in that state is weird too

My succubus says that in order to feel what you describe, I must damage my chakra and she won’t repair it, she is already acting like if she was married to me. However, I can get into that trance by going to sleep and struggling not to fall asleep, it’s like an state of being dreaming but fully conscious, where my other succubus talks to me fluently, verbally, and when I come back I don’t remember the details of what I talked with her, but I have an overall awareness of the conclusions of the conversation


So my chakra is damaged?

She was talking about me, not about you, you should scan yourself to know about the state of your chakras

Ahhh okay… I think that they are okay i feel in harmony with myself so i think that there is nothing wrong

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You could also call upon archangel Metatron for your chakras if you need it.


My chakra system is… weird in the eyes of my people because of the way I work it. I believe because of logic that everybody has their chakras slightly different, just like some people have smaller hands or bigger feet, plus some people use the Chinese system


Metatron is cool, I like him because he gives great advice and his name sounds like a Transformer


Very true…He told me the way to spiritual perfection as well…And tbh, I don’t like it lol…It’s too difficult. He told me to question everything of myself and come to a conclusion that I am imperfect. And change myself through will. And I tell you, It’s not easy at all…I have seen how dark and evil I can be by this method…Life was great when I didn’t question myself.

But he isn’t very nice though. He is quite stern. He is a solar deity after all.


Thank you very much but i made a pact with the sitra achra so i think that i cannot work with him or i am wrong?

Well did your pact say that you will not work with someone who is of light or work with no one else?

If not, I would say sure. But maybe ask MagusOfPlague…He knows more.

Ah he is the one in the post

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You made a pact with Gamaliel? Isn’t he a “good guy” lol?
What is the pact about?