Help with meditation

im looking for help with meditation

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What kind of meditation?

If you are new into this (like me) maybe this could help you a lot

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i only know of the one that every one dose

There are many different types of meditation.

There is using a focus like a candle flame, or a mantra, or the breath. There is thought stopping by visualizing a river and dropping each thought in it and watching it flow away. There is visualizing a shape and trying to hold it in your mind.

When you say, “the one everyone does,” what does that mean?

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im only told of clearing your mind and lising that is what i ment

There is no meditation to “clear” your mind. What meditation does is calm your mind, and help control your thoughts.

It sounds to me that what you need is a focus to concentrate on. Try this: Light a candle and focus on the flame, to the exclusion of everything else. When your mind wanders, and it will, just gently guide it back to the flame.

That is meditating. Your mind will wander, but, as long as you bring it back to the focus, you will be meditating, and bringing your mind under your control. Like exercising your body, the more you do it, the stronger your mind will become and the longer you can focus without distraction.


thanks i will try it when i have the chance and is it beater to do it in the night or day

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Any time is fine, but I find meditating first thing in the morning to be best, because your mind is usually still a bit groggy from sleep and not bogged down in mundane stuff so it is easier to concentrate. Plus, it sets up a good vibe for your day.

Most teachers tell you to meditate upon awakening, and before going to bed. Start with about ten minutes, and then slowly increase it to 20-30 minutes.


ok thanks

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You’re welcome. We’re here to help so don’t hesitate to ask questions if you still have problems.

The key is not to get frustrated if your mind wanders because it is natural for it to do so. Just gently guide it back to the focus. You will probably spend most of your time in the beginning being distracted and that is perfectly okay, as long as you realize you have wandered away and bring it back to the flame.

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Maybe a silly question… Do I have to sit crossed-legs style when I do meditation, or I could do it sitting in a chair?

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No, you can sit in whatever way is most comfortable. Sitting in a chair is fine, and is known as the “god posture” because it is the way Egyptian gods are usually depicted. Just be sure to keep your spine erect and don’t slouch, to facilitate the smooth flow of energy.


Could I ask you something in Pm?


Also acknowledged any distraction but dont give it too much thought

there´s a bunch here if you´re interested

Personaly I lay in the floor in a designated area after cleansing the space with my arms on my chest and my knees bent up, feet on the floor.

I had to start doing this after an intense Meditation made me start swaying while I was seated, but I didn’t realize that I was physically moving until I toppled over. Major fail there :upside_down_face:

I haven’t noticed any difference in laying down or sitting. The length of the meditation and the noticeable effects are the same. Choose what works for you.

Also, candle flame Meditations are great. When you are ready, maybe give this a try.

See if it helps boost your senses.


Thanks a lot!

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