Help With Making Someone Understand

So my cousin has this problem where she’s too closed minded and I could tolerate it for awhile but it’s progressing to the point of no return and I normally step away from situations like this rather then turn them into war zones where no one is spared and anyone who steps in my path is taken down with brutal words…which has happened and ended up with my relocation and that is something I really want to avoid.

I’ve tried so many times to get her to understand me but she constantly belittles the boundaries that I’ve set in place to protect myself and others, she attacks the personalities of those who appears indifferent too her and constantly denounces who I am as a person; she’s dealing with the trauma in her life in a really toxic way that affects her and everyone around her and she fails to see that.

She’s quick to judge and needs to see she’s not the only one dealing with shit, I thought about a binding spell but I don’t want to lock the issue up and throw the key away, I want her to open her eyes instead of disregarding those around her. If anyone has any spells that could help or recommend a demon that’s helpful in this particular area that would be very much appreciated.

Kiltan is recommended for changing perspectives. He’s in the Book of Azazel since he’s one of his Nethers.
Also candle magik - same technique as a candle love spell for for different emotions.

Otherwise avoid abusive people, and I would call her out as being abusive. I’d also stop talking to her to try to get her to understand me though - I had the same thing with my younger sister, who’s judgmental, close minded, and supercilious. She thinks she’s better than everybody because she’s a priestess in some goddess group she won’t name, ugh, who cares? I don’t even know… I just don’t speak to her and I don’t tell her anything, especially not anything personal she could twist around and use as a stick to actually try to hurt me with. Don’t give abusers ammo, they can find plenty on their own.

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