Help with lowering a price

so. i found this laptop that looks pretty good i have to get more details on it but if it is good i would like it for cheaper does anyone know any spirit/spell to lower the price?

its on facebook market place so its not a retailer and before anyone gets the whole “maybe they need the moeny for bills” they got a new one and just want to gt rid of it

No spirit needed. Just make a nice personal chaos sigil and let it loose.


oh chaos sigils what would we do without them amiright?

but mine usually take awhile to go off maybe because it takes me awhile to forget about them?

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Haggiling is a good skill to learn

Use the retrograde energy to haggle and bargain your way to a lower price.

Any person who sells machinery or Laptops in the Saturn Retrograde will get a miserable price.

On the other hand if you buy it during the retrograde, chances are it will have defects come out which even the seller had no knowledge of.

Retrogrades can be weird.

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Now that’s some science…interesting… thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Saturn rules iron/steel which all electric stuff is made of so you can expect these issues.

Copper wires go haywire in mercury retrograde as mercury rules copper x


wow, superinteresting… ^^ ! thanks for sharing! ^^ !!

Try contacting them and making a good case for why you should get it at the price you want, if they’re not that bothered about making a profit they may be happy to trade it for a lower price + feeling good, a feeling sought by most humans in some form. :smiley:

Also if they’re selling it instead of chucking it in a landfill, they may have a residual emotional attachment and hearing it’s going to a good home, and will be appreciated, may sway the deal.

Add magick TO that message of course.

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Dragon-turtles are great for anything involving money, particularly accumulation. But I bet they could help with bargens too.