Help with king paimon

I don’t understand what I did wrong I was wondering if you guys could lend some insight, so I’m about to get kicked out of my house if I don’t “pay $500 a month” to my parents and obviously right now I can’t make $500 in a month…I needed time bought so I called king paimon to change the mind frame of my parents to not kick me out and I said in return I’ll use that time to try and find a second job…

I don’t think that worked because this morning my mom starts complaining on how I need to pay rent every month. :disappointed:

Jeez I’m definitely going to be homeless at this rate cause $500 isn’t possible right now for November since I only have less then a week left​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

I’m about to do another ritual to make my parents realize how that’s not possible cause I’m gonna be homeless in November cause this isn’t possible at all😞

I am terribly sorry that you have to go through that. Especially from people that are supposed to be your safe haven.

Trust in King Paimon if you know he accepted to help you. If not, I would recommend calling upon duke bune.

Be Blessed

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I just made the petition last night and I specifically wrote on the idea of kicking me out so perhaps he made the idea of kicking me out leave and left the rent itself in there…idk

Reason I made this petition was to buy time so I can get a second job

Maybe her will about all this is so strong

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And also guys if you see this too I forgot to add in…I can’t move out on my own if she’s taking all my money so it’s almost like she’s trapping me in a hole here….I refuse to be homeless

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I noticed you work with demons a lot, so I’ll recommend:

King Vine to break down her defenses

King Paimon to influence her to give you more time

Duke Dantalion to show compassion towards her son & not throw him out until after the holidays

Duchess Bune to manifest the money needed, a job, or other financial prospects to bring money in.

There are spirits you can work with in Kingdom of Flame. They aren’t demons so I don’t know how comfortable you feel working with them.

Eshmak for mind control
Lukorst for wealth, but only what you need, nothing more.

You can also take a moment to read The Magick Influence by Corwin Hargrove, as there are a few rituals in there you can perform.


Give the ritual time to manifest. If your mother is hard to convince then chances are it’ll be gradual and not sudden. You’ve handed it to King Paimon, keep your trust in him. In the meantime work on becoming independent i.e, earning money. Queen Mustang has given an amazing reply, layer the work.

Trust the magick, and let go. You petitioned him last night, yes? So I’m assuming it’s morning for you. I’ve been in a similar situation where the result of the spell was directly related to my life with the reminders right in front of me. It’s a fine line between panick and lust for results. Ground, continue with your life, work on yourself and earning money, and trust the magick.

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I would also recommend a combination with King Bael in order to disguise any new source of income from your parents or else they might flirt with the idea to take the extra money as well, leaving you with nothing much again (as you’ve mentioned in your other post here: )

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So wdym like ask king bael to kind of make my extra money invisible to them in a sense?

Yes. If your parents are keeping your paychecks already they will continue to keep the extra money as well, making whatever reasons up. So you need to act in a discrete manner if you’re able to get a better paid job etc.

One of my deities just now recommended I either pull the extra money out in physical tender or set up an extra account they don’t know about

If you are able to do so I would recommend that. You could put the extra money aside, saving up for your own room somewhere else if the time is right.

Simple fix for this might be a sweetening jar. Make one and for your parents and ask the jar to make them more lenient and understanding towards your situation.

Interesting just as I thought, I go out of my way to apply for multiple jobs today to hopefully get a second job or replace my old one. And I tell my mom the good news that I have an interview on Friday! But of course what else is new with my mom she is mentally abusive towards me…which makes me decide I think I don’t need her support for this because I refuse to let mental abusive get in my way of all of this.


I’m sorry for your situation. Some parents are really dysfunctional; remind yourself that it is not your fault and that you are doing your best. You don’t need the validation of your mother that you are good enough. I hope that you’ll be able to move out someday and that you can start to heal from this abuse in your own pace :slight_smile:


I hope I will too😂

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