Help with King Belial: My personal events

Few weeks now I I did king Belial ritual.
I needed a lot of difficult things fixed and for me and kids to get our lives back in different ways.
The is related to government red tape and abuse for a few years.
My request incl career, home, being back at school etc.
I had tried to research about him before.
I started being more aggressive and I understood.
Things went better in terms productivity too. Got means of food.etc
5 days ago I fought with my son he was being a hard teenager.
I ended up touching him in terms of a hiding.
He left to where I still don’t know. M trying to find out. And I’m putting protection around him and request Belial and other deities like angels to keep him safe.
King Belial is huge but again works in complicated ways.
Can you help me understand how you see this. Things are suddenly bad and worse.
If he reveals where we are kids will be harassed further by state courts.
I’ll be arrested since that’s what they are used to.
I’m busy with Belial trying to find free legal help. pls help and ask questions where m not clear

I’m busy looking for child it’s important to me. I have minimal resources but I’m looking with other ppl too on places he previously mentioned when angry.

The daytime he left, i dreamed that he was wasted and later I was in dark small prison cubicle.

Before that incident my financial means had been stagnant even now. No work brings money I even have to ask for food for the remaining child.
It was all good with Belial in the beginning. Anything I need to learn from his help-styles?
Did I go wrong?
I’m that developed psychically so I mostly observe, can’t communicate too effectively with him now.
Can someone help “check” or ask if child is fine?
He’s 14

Where in South Africa?

Also, why not start an online travel agency? As a means of income? Then ask for success from demons, that would create an avenue.

Unfortunately I don’t have to much experience besides what I did for my self.

I called on King Paimon to help with my job and opportunities for education and income.

Originally King Belial was suppose to help me mostly for protection but now is branching out to other things that is helping me such as more of a leader energy, gaining more of a back bone and helping me with other stuff such as my shop and job.

I also called on King Beezlbub mostly to help me with my shop that I’m planning to have.

I am also working with Lord Azazel to help me get more connected to the Earthly element as well as other things.

So to me it sounds like it could be you need a bit more help. I know this is late and I hope everything is better :pray:t2: