Help with interpreting the cards

Hello everyone. I asked the Tarot cards about my ex’s feelings for me (we separated two months ago because of external difficult situations, not because of a lack of feelings) and we talked a little bit today (we were both chill and made jokes and was an overall pleasant conversation). I am afraid of interpreting the cards in a biased manner, so I kindly ask for your help: Ten of pentacles, reversed The Sun, reversed Five of Cups, The Lovers. Thank you!

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Hey Tenebres :slight_smile:
Was that a past/present/future spread?

Edit: oh I just noticed you pulled four cards. So which spread did you use? :slight_smile:

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What was the exact question you asked?

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The secret meaning of the Lovers is Zayin. That means in hebrew the Sword! It means strong commitment or end of any kind of relationship.

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May I ask what tarot deck did you use to ask about his feelings? That way other readers here might get a clearer picture of the imagery they’re interpreting. Anyway, here’s my intuitive guess:

According to the situation you provided, I would say this ex still has feelings for you. The 10 of Pents tells me he feels very stable, comfortable and may still see you as someone he can have a grounded family with. The 5oC RX echoes this, as I’d interpret it as he’s not focusing on the loss of the relationship anymore: instead he’s finally seeing the remaining cups behind him and starting to pick it up. Whether these remaining cups would be used to start the relationship back up or strike up a friendship for the meantime is something that remains to be seen. This element of choice is seen in The Lovers, as he may have to take some time to decide on how he really wants to be with you: while there is no doubt that he sees you as someone he feels drawn to/compatible with (also The Lovers in this case), the element of choice cannot be denied. Will he risk the external difficult situations and start the romantic relationship anew with you? Or would he prefer for things to stay the comfortable way they are and not rock the boat for now (the 10 of Pents could also mean this: being comfortable with how the status quo is at the moment, so if the status quo is friends then friends it is)? You may pull clarifiers to answer those of course, but I think no one can answer it more accurately than himself.

Honestly, the question is not his feelings: I’m sensing that this ex still has good and romantic feelings for you, so no need to worry about that one. :slight_smile: The real question lies in how he will ACT (or not act) regarding his feelings. How will he decide? Better yet, will he decide at all? The Sun RX tells me that while he’s slowly picking up and trying to save the remnants from the break-up, he still feels down about it/the current status of you two. He may still feel lost at times, groping in the dark for a clear and sensible way on what to do with the situation. Also, he may simply feel as if he’s lost his happiness/sunshine (which is you and the relationship, in this case). I think patience is required with this ex as he seems to still be in a state of healing and trying to shed a light of what he will decide to do from now on.


Sorry for the late reply, life has gotten in the way lately :smiley: I asked what his feelings for me are - te first card representing him and the other three representing the feelings per se

Wow, thank you so much! He did tell me that he still loves me a couple of days ago! However, the uncertainty is still there and I do not know how to act. There are issues involved that I am unaware of. I wish I could understand the situation better.

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Hey :smiley: not a generally established spread, but the first one represented him and the other three represented his feelings per se :smiley:

I’m glad that it resonated and he did confirm his love for you, OP! Now, for these issues you are unaware of but want to understand, you can always do another reading and specifically ask the cards about it. You can pull 4-5 cards if you want an in-depth look at his issues, though I know 2-3 cards usually suffice for such questions.

Personally though, since you seem to still be in communication with him (and also the good kind of communication too, by the looks of things) I would drop the cards and ask him instead. Easier said than done, I know, but with matters like these I honestly think it’s much better and more accurate if you hear these issues from the person himself. Talk it out via messaging or video chat, try discussing and clarifying uncertainties from both ends. Genuinely express how you feel about the situation and encourage him to do the same so you both know what to do and where you stand in this connection.