Help with Illness - best angels & demons for aid?

My life has been in an upside down tailspin for the last year. I’ve lost everything. And now my kitty, the sweetest guy in the world, is sick.
What angels and demons, and then methods, are best for coming to the aid of someone that really needs aid with an illness?
Thank you for your time.


A practitioner friend of mine was successful in calling the Archangel of healing, Raphael, to help a dog with a massive tumor.

I don’t have contact with angels so I would ask the Demon Buer who has helped me in the past with problems related to bones and tendons, relieving pain that medicines couldn’t relieve.

I wish your beloved pet a speedy recovery


I’m willing to cast, if you want some help. I will have time later today.


Thank you, I would love any help offered! He’s my best friend.


Marbas is allot of help with anything medical and believe the Entity helped me get with the right doctors i needed for medical stuff but also believe that Marbas caused stuff to happen in my life that was therapeutic in away and helped me get over some Depression and stuff i was holding back for years. Marbas is Great for Physical,Mental and Spiritual Healing and also can help Change the Shape of a Person in the same ways it heals so it can change you Physically,Mentally and Spirtually as well. Allot of people that work with Marbas have recommended the entity to me Mulitple times for Medical stuff and those who have also use him to change the Shape of there Spiritual Forms as well. I’m actually going to light some incense as a offering for Marbas in about a hour because this reminded me of the work Marbas has done with me.


Thank you very much! What methods of contact did you use when you were successful?

I did it in a very simple way, because I already had previous contact with this Demon.

I only used the Sigil, candles and incense in that case.
The Demon came, I made the request and I felt an internal heat in the parts of the body that were being treated, something very similar to reiki. Soon after he left.

Depending on your skills or your familiarity with this Demon, you can use the same simple method or a pathworking as described in the Demons of Magic book or even something more elaborate at your discretion.

If you will allow me a suggestion, @norse900 has kindly offered help and he is a very respected member here.
I don’t know if he is active on the forum now, but try to talk to him, or ask for help in the thread where members with “regular” status offer volunteer work.

I wish the best for your beloved kit


Thanks. I took it to PM and performed it yesterday.

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