Help with identification

Hey, anyone able to help an agnostic and self-questioning peon out? I do not know if this is the right place for it (if not - feel free to delete or move this topic), but is someone able to tell me what this fella might be? Was or am I just imagining things? I have sketched this dirty sketch months ago - in a haste - so that I could send it to my sister as she was interested in it. I am not really happy with the sketch’s overall outcome, but that’s just my problem. I cannot/ wasn’t really able to remember too much about the actual appearance or face sadly. I cannot remember the faces period thought.
A rough translation:

  • gaseous aggregate state (but somehow solid as well)
  • yellowish eyes that were lit up
  • hardly recognizable contures (mouth slightly pronounced -> closed)

Thanks in advance,

  • Cil

Was your incounter just a visual ?

I saw it like this only once, yes. It was only visual and relatively short. Maybe twice, but then inside a mirror and only it’s bust (but that was during a flu). And once in some kind of lucid dream where it jumped on me. More like a dream inside a dream. I waked up two times and once for real then (after the jump). The prior dream was about me strolling my homecity’s streets, playing pokemon go and zooming inside a gym with a weird looking yellow-eyed avatar. ((Still, probably just me processing something.))