Help with guerrilla warfare style cursing (is that a thing?)

Everyday I have to drive past by the house of a toxic Narcissist who wronged me, I would very much like them to get what is coming to them.
I was wondering if there is an affirmation or something I could say every time I drive by this house to strengthen any curse work I do to this person. They deserve to have their life fall apart and to be exposed for the evil human they truly are!

grateful for any suggestions. Thank you in advance.

Get cursing runes and take a picture of his house and draw on it. Or get dirt, frim his house and curse it


I like that thanks.

You can say ‘you’re cursed’ focusing your hate and negative energy while saying this and looking at the house and imagining her inside, suffering…

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There are also some rituals to help expose these kind of people in the books I recommended.

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Thanks I bought the Henry Archer book this morning! you’re awesome!

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