Help with Goetic Evocation of Bune or wealth gods or goddess

This message goes out to those who can help me with a successful evocation with either bune or another goetic god or goddesses. As I have tried to evoke clauneck I was unsuccessful and so I am trying to evoke or invoke the dutchess bune for his/her assistance in obtaining either wealth, business success in getting my books published, or in beating the USCIS system and getting my wife here or all the above including getting out of this garage I have been stuck in for the last 4 years. I miss my wife and it being 15 months since I seen her in person, and having too many financial issues I am willing to do anything to achieve my goals no matter what it takes. I have been reading the lesser king of solomon, the key of solomon, the necronomicon spellbook, aleister crowley magicks book, and the grand grimore trying to gather answers in helping me to get an audiance with one or all the goetic gods and goddesses but with my financial issues and lack of an alter, I have the ingrediants the best of my ability to obtain all that i can and perform the right evocations however I am at a loss as I have not seen anything work. I am trying everything i can and calling out multiple conjuration spells to no avail. Maybe i am lacking the right ingrediants or the right symbols or relics i dont know and there is no where in my area where i can obtain them nor do i have the funds neither to do so if i could so i am stuck. Please assist me as i do not want to read anymore i want to enact and make my presence known and stop seeing portals, transdimensional gateways, and realms and not be able to pass through them to meet with or see the deities i need to speak with. Thank You

I can only suggest things. Ive worked with bune and she is amazing. She likes to help people. If you called her then she probably was there. You need to get a method of divination such as a pendulum until you can hear and see spirits.
Set the sigil up and have the smoke from incense (with bunes favorite being sandlewood) obscure the image. And chant her Enn ( Whlc Melen Avage Bune Tasa) and wait until you hear your house creaking.
Her favorite plant is orange so offer some up to help assist the calling. Dont search for her image. Just look at the sigil and ask for her help. Use the divination to talk indirectly with her. She enjoys alit of offerings but some ive used is burning up a dollar for her. Or using some blood. Sometimes i use both, blood on the dollar and then i burn it as i saw its an offering to bune. Trust me. She was there youre ability is probably not very strong yet. But remember to banish the thought from your head. You must forget the entire ceremony before they can help. Hope this helps some. Much luck

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Thank you i will try that and do you think smokin some herb during the commune will help amplify my experience? Just curious as i been so stressed out lately that i started doin just a little bit again.

Sorry am trying to post this at the right place.

could help but you should know that some spirits hate when humans abuse substance. i would make a connection, even if you dont hear or see anything, if you call them they are there. I would ask bune for a financial miracle not a large amount of cash. Best of luck

@B-Rizzle what was your outcome? I too have a book series I have written and want to get published?