Help with Getting Ex Back

I just got divorced after 13 years of marriahe and Im 6 months pregnant. My ex husband says he loves me and wants to be with me but on Tue told me that the girl he was messing around with says she is pregnant. The girl has and is still causing me trouble going as far as getting me arrested from lies and manipulating people. Anyway he told me he feels that I deserve someone better. He cried and threw up at one point he was crying so much so I believe him that he loves me and still wants to be with me. Ive been trying to figure out what to do to get him to understand we can still fix things.

So, today after I read on here a few posts that I wanted to ask Sallos for help. I drawed out his sigil, gaxed at the sigil until it looked like it was in 3D, spoke out loud my intent and asked for him to bring my ex back in 48 hours then using one of the red candles I burned the paper with intent asking for it to make its way to Sallos then kept the sigil as kind of a connection to him and my offer to him is to do a piece of art in his name which I would share online and with others.

I wasnt sure how to get a confirmation from him as Im still learning. I just felt that out of all the entities and spirits I was finding Sallos called to me more.

Do you think he will take this propisition? And do you have any recommendations for me? I also asked him to keep that girl away from my ex. Oh and one other thing that happened when I held the sigil in my left hand I could see my hand through the paper and the shadow of my hand looked like my fingers were sharp points like a reptile.

Update: I ended up also asking Pomba Gira to help with too. This morning I had several texts from him and one text was exactly what I asked Sallos for help with. Im so greatful to see movement and thst Sallos is helping me and I have a feeling that Pomba Gira is helping with the love part of this too. Im thankful that Sallos started working on this so fast just like I asked. Im excited for him to finish up the deal and start working on his art piece to share with others of his kindess to help one in need.


How did this end up?

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Everything between me and him is good. He came back and we are talking and being open with each other instead of keeping things held back.