Help with getting documents approved

Hello everyone! I’ll jump straight to the point. I need some advice on which goetic spirits are best for me getting my financial aid appeal approved.

My family got sick with covid, including me, this forced me to have to drop the class at the advisement of my professor who i communicated with i also dropped 3 classes earlier in 2021 after biting off more than i can chew to prevent getting an F. These classes i will have the hardest time getting evidence for because i made a mistake and i didn’t have some devastating issue occur to me for these classes. I just was in over my head.

Who can i work with to make sure that even if my evidence is lacking or wonky they will still approve of it and give me back my financial aid?

I’m super close to getting my associates (literally need one semester to get it) and i refuse to be blocked from being successful for once in my life. This is a common reoccurrence where I’ll be close to achieving something great and then a wrench will come in, taking it away from me. I’m investigating what could be the cause of that (usually i assume its me but I’m thinking its something deeper now because a pattern and coincidence are two different things, something isnt right)

Belial is good at cutting through bureaucracy and red tape.


Thank you! I was thinking about King Paimon, would he be good with this situation?

Seere, no contest. He’s the quickest there is if what you want is to get this fast.

However, if he sees he can’t salvage the situation, the negative resolution will arrive quickly, but then he’ll make another alternative route known almost simultaneously.

He’s super friendly and understanding, he won’t let you down.


I would also recommend Ant’harratu from the Book of Azazel. Tell him your situation. He and his legion will resolve it quickly. He gets things done!

I agree with the above, King Paimon is good at navigating corporate structures and dealing with administrative issues.

Papa Legba is good at dealing with obstacles. And he will get your ancestors to help and support you.

Lord Belial is good at cutting through bureaucracy and red tape.

Make sure you have all your supporting documents in place. Cross every “T” and dot every “I”, so to speak.

Best wishes.


Thanks! I’m working on collecting all i need!