Help with getting an ex back?

Hey everyone! i’m new here!
So tonight around 9 pm i tried to invoke Pomba Gira i spent around 2-4 minutes mediating and then placed my offering (red lipstick only thing i had on me :frowning: ) and then i did the chant now during this i felt really tired and it felt like i was basically burning up with a fever! and then after everything was done it stopped straight after i finished the chant, i’m not quite sure if I invoked her though is there any way of knowing? and if anyone has any other spell ideas on what to do please pm and reply back to this <3 i feel so drained! thank you for reading this
blessed be <3

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i did what you did too. i tried the 4 penny divination. i think i saw others doing it as well.
im feeling tired now too.

What is a 4 penny divination if you don’t mind me asking? :slight_smile:

Here, you can try looking at this. I dont have pendulum or tarot to confirm my ans, so my best shot is penny. :hugs:

sidetrack, saw yr intro, which part of Aust u from? :smiley: im in perth

I’m from south Australia but I traveled to Perth when I was younger! I loved it! Thank you for your help!

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you should do honey jar spell also if the breakup created sour feelings between both of you

How do I do that? Can you message me a link? Thank you! :slight_smile:

just youtube " honey jar spell " YOU will find it easily.

Didn’t even think of YouTubing it! Thank you so much for all your help :slight_smile:

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good luck ! pm me without any hesitation if YOU have any doubt