Help with getting a certain memory back

This won’t make any sense but it doesn’t to me too.

For the past few days I have been seeing an eye, sometimes two whenever my eyes are closed, sometimes when they aren’t along with some messages. When I see the eye, I get a thought saying “I’m watching you”, something along the lines of that. Now whenever I listen to any song, a line in the song will mention something about “running out of time”. Almost every song in my playlist. Either I didn’t notice before or they were influenced somehow because I have every reason to believe that my phone is possessed. So I don’t know what it could mean but I got a hint that I may have forgotten somthings over the past weekend, including which Demons I have worked with along with their information and the messages they had sent me. That’s all I forgot. These messages were guiding me but I forgot everything in just two days and have been doing everything by myself. It’s almost like they were never there and I just got hints of them yesterday. Now I feel that I still haven’t remembered everything because I can’t figure out what “I’m watching you” and “you are running out of time” mean as well as who has been watching me. Whenever I doubt that I had worked with any Demon, I get a sense of deja vu that sets me on track, and this happens almost everytime. I haven’t been sensing any spiritual energy the past few days so it does make me doubt. I also feel that me lossing my memory on Demons must have been influenced by one, but I don’t know who or why because they all seem to be coming back.

Hypnosis might help.

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Sometimes they will bury knowledge within your subconcuous that resurfaces at exactly the right moment. Remembering may ruin the entire purpose.


Are there any reasons to why they do that?