Help with Family Court

Merry meet! I’ll try to keep this as short as possible, there’s a long history here.

I’m in the process of gaining legal guardianship of my youngest sister. Her dad lives in another state and asked if I could provide for her while she finishes high school. I’m more than happy to oblige, but the problem lies with our mother.

She’s a notorious drug addict and has been incredibly abusive to me and my siblings growing up. Her abuse is why my sister no longer wants to live with her and chose to leave. I tried many times over the years to point out the rampant abuse and no one listened until now. In fact, they ignored me, rejected me, and enabled her. Now, after nearly 4 years of no contact with me, she’s making my life a living hell for daring to defy her.

Now everyone, including law enforcement and the family members who rejected me over speaking the truth, sees that the abuse is/was truly horrific and feel terrible about ignoring all the signs. Good, they should, but smother dearest is trying to fight this despite a mountain of evidence against her.

At this point I’m done with her narcissism and want to be rid of her permanently. Would this be a banishing spell against her? A freezing spell? I’m used to performing magick solely for self-improvement and protection, so while I’m not used to performing this kind of magick I’m looking for something that would get rid of her for good and willing to do what’s necessary. Is it possible to active all the negative karma surrounding her? Her energy is just so… empty and parasitic. I wouldn’t mind returning it threefold.

Admittedly this all began after I felt a calling to study/work with Azazel. Should I turn to him to help? If you look at my post history I’ve been getting nightly visits in my dreams, and after much meditation I’ve come to the conclusion it is indeed him.

I’d appreciate any words of advice and I thank you all in advance.


Azazel sounds like he’s practically volunteering :slight_smile:

It may sound awful, but I would go with a death curse… “death” in the sense of “endings”, in this case, the situation. What often happens when good people do a death curse is it removes the person from their life, as if they were dead to you: you don’t need to hear about them any mire. But it may not do them any harm at all, it might, but it might also just find a way for them to relocate far away from you for some reason.

E.A. Koetting’s Book of Azazel has some good ideas to this end, and his book Baneful Magick is where he talks about this concept of death as an ending from his experience.


Thank you for your guidance. I’ll be looking into these books asap!

Belial. Is good too. Not to take away from my Lord Azazel who is one amazing bad ass!!!


I’m going to use this thread as my journal with this situation- it’s a lot to process.

Like a fool I hesitated in performing a death curse on my abusive mother, and because I didn’t get rid of her as needed this custody case over my sister will be taken to trial. That night as I was doing my mediations, Azazel appeared before my astral form, his goat legs and energy unmistakably him. I couldn’t see his face, it was clouded by smoke. He grabbed my shoulders and shook me hard. “Why? Why not do it? Do you not care about justice?” I asked him is it truly my place in the universe to take another life? Won’t this effect my karma? He let me go with a sigh. “The way of humanity has always been an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, child. You deserve justice, this is righteous.” He poked my chest with a sharpened nail, his sigil burning into me just over my heart. My temporal form gasped and fell over during my mediation, this was felt on the physical plane, too.

There was nothing on my physical body, and when I returned to the astral plane I could feel Azazel was gone. In his place was my patron saint, St. Rose of Lima. Her headdress of roses infiltrated my circle with the smell of roses. I’ll be honest, I cried before her and asked how could I possibly take the life of the woman who gave me life, despite the atrocities she’s committed? She knelt beside me and asked me why I’m so loyal to the women who destroyed my family and wants to do it again. “My child, filial duty can only go so far. You deserve justice.” Azazel had said that, too. She kissed my forehead and left in a sudden breeze.

After cleansing and binding my circle I left my meditations. So it looks like I really do have to do this. If a fallen angel and a saint can agree this needs to be done, I have to. I will give an update after I perform the ritual. If anyone has any pointers or advice I’ll take what I can get. Thank you for your time.