Help with false accusations. Calling Belial

So I"m having trouble since January with a bitch and my ex affair slandering me at my working place. The bitch in question is with him but they pretend they have nothing with each other.

Since her arrival in January she hit on him and the jerk said that there were nothing between them. But 2 months late I called him out on some behavior aroumd her and he just said i was not his girl and he would do whatever he wanted.

Since them I cursed her left and right and nothing would work and the two of them started teasing me at work till the day I complained (August) to their section boss who pretended to be my side.but them help them with ammmunition against me. I decided to work with some daemons to bind and ruin these people, starting with her. I’m working on her using sigil evocation and petition.

Thing is today I received a intimation about a disciplinary process and found out that since April false accusations are beimg made against me. From mistrating the cleaning people to being nosy about ALL his workmates ( who were once my “friends”) whereabouts to threatening the bitch and other people physically.

I’ll call Alloces to bind them all from harm me and Belial since he’s good with this kind of trouble and I’ve been seeing his name a lot for a while and now I know why. But what more can I do? I started gathering testimoies but the other side will lie to the hearts content and a lot of people on my side fear my ex crush.

Please refrain from sugerimg I do some pray for them to go away to a better situation so they forget about me. Definitely no forgving and letting go.


Ok, so I called Belial first. I prepared a petition, the sigil frankincense, a yellow candle and a necklace to be used as a pendulum. Put Belial song and started chanting his enn. I don’ t feel or hear anything yet and sigil flashing os still a rarity.

After the song ended I asked for a signal. Nothing. Kept chanting and asked to the pendul If he was here. It saúde no.

I put the enn to help me to focus (the one from Satan and Sons) and att the ask again. Still no. I breath deep and put the enn again and by the end the answer is yes.

I thank and ask If he wantedy to make contact before so I would know about the process. Yes.

I asked If he would Prevent certain people from talk against me . NO. I asked separately and he said yes… I asked again about these people for 3 times and the pendulum Said yes on first time and start saying no and changed to yes on the others.

The other questions were like this:
Will you help me with the situation? Yes

I read the petition and asked If he agreed with everything there: yes.

I Wang to bind ALL theese people from harm me. Can I call Alloces? Yes

Will break XY Will? Yes

Should I break XY defenses? Big Yes. Pendulum got crazy.

Should I call Andras to make XY and XX Destroy each other? Big. Yes again.

Do you Want a beef offering? Yes

Sazoned? Yes

Barbecue, paprika, salt and Pepper? Not só enthusiastic yes.

Should I add garlic? Big Yes. I guess he like It.

Enough? Yes

I ask If he would leave in peace but Ben my guesy to stay and Said I would perform a banishimg for intruders. He agreed.

Tomorrow I"ll do the offering and call the others.


Good luck! I hope it all works out in your favour.

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Thank you! I called Alloces after that to bind the people involved and prevent them from harm me. I was really delusional thinking things could be fixed between us while he was going with all he got to get me fired.

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I notice when I used to use the enn to get in touch with Belial, he would get angry and always ask me to turn it off, “You don’t need all that mess to get in touch with me,” as he put it. So I stopped using it and just meditate with his sigil.

I’m sorry you’re going through all this at your job, but if Belial accepted the task, he will CRUSH them to smithereens. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage: Good luck and please update us on what happened. I’m very interested in the outcome & hope it turns out for the best.


You seem to have it down pretty much, so there is not a whole lot I can add as far as suggestions. The only one i can think of is possibly petitioning King Zagan to aid with “swapping” the prespective your other coworkers have towards you to pretend any further issues. Good luck!

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Give that bitch a black eye

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Correction: you could use a freezer spell to stop rumors or a cow tongue spell on both individuals to stop talking about you, allowing the tension of their own despise build pressure enough to cause lashing out in a more…unfortunate direction.


Oh, I’ll keep that in mind. I use enns because they help me to focus since my mind is a wanderer. I get anxious because the flashing thing is diificult for me. That’ s why i incorporated the necklace as a pendulum.

BlockquoteI’m sorry you’re going through all this at your job

Tell me about it. I already am busy with a terathoma and trying hard avoiding losing an ovary (called Marbas to help me) and now this.
By the way I’m giving the promised offering.

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Thank you! I’ll definitely check Zagan and the spells.

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Well, i was in the middle of a layered work with some daemons and the last would bem Glasya- Labolas. I asked Belial about finishing and he said a big yes to this. The pendulum looked like a guri drop.

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Oh no, I wasn’t implying there was anything wrong with using enns, I use them to kind of get into a zone…but with Belial, he seems to get annoyed with me when i try to use his, like he’s impatient and just want me to cut to the chase, so to speak.

I understand. You seem to have a good relationship. Thank you for your imput.

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Hi @anon48508954
Since you have a good relationship with Belial, could ask him If he’s angry because I let his sigil get ruined? I couldn’d evoke him today (I used an image on my phone) and put my mind on burning the sigil and make another one.

Two nights ago I had a dream. I was searching on the web if the work with Belial would break the narc will. I clicked on 2 images and they Just got blurred. When I clicked on the third a sound echoed: “wait and you’ll feel It”.

I find interesting. Not wait and you’ll see It but feel It.

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