Help with evocation

Ok so I tried to summon Decarabia but I basically failed, I chanted the enn, had candles, wine, sigil, incense the whole shabang but it flopped.
I felt some sort of wind like presence and some breathing in the background but other than that nothing.
Should I start off with king Paimon instead, is that easier?

I guess I just don’t know what to expect, what happens in an evocation, do they pop up right in front of you?
What are the stages? How long should I chant the enn?
Should I be shitting myself?
Any help or advice is much appreciated.

If you got a feeling of presence, then your evocation was successful, even if you couldn’t see or hear anything.

No. This isn’t the movies. You need a manifestation base like incense for a physical materialisation, plus the developed senses to see them.

There is no set time. Chant until you get the intuition to stop.

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thanks man, I think I’ll get into scrying before I do another ritual

A successful evocation can have many and subtle signs, don’t expect anything specific is my advice. “If X doesnt happen I feel like it failed” holds back a lot of beginners. Generally any change you feel can be a sign of an entity’s attention turning towards you, differs from one person to another.
Try to get out of the mindset of doubting your success. Though it can be daunting if you are starting out, it’s very important for any working to have no doubt as to what is happening, and focus on your intentions and the task at hand.
Let yourself relax about it and your intuition will soon develop enough for you get a feel for what is right or wrong.
About the enn, I personally find that 9 or multiples of 9 work well for me. Then again, it’s up to you and nothing is truly fixed. :wink: