Help With Evocation and Clairaudience

I’ve been doing evocation for about a month now with Dantalion, and at first I felt his presence so strongly (it was vary calming and reassuring). There would be days when I could literally feel him in my room the second I walked in and I new he wanted to communicate with me.
Lately, I haven’t been able to feel him as much as I did, but just a few days ago, I was meditating on his sigil and the candles around me started to flicker incredibly and the sigil flashed very strongly. I’m not skilled at clairaudience, so I had been depending on a pendulum, up until now. I tried to focus in on his energy and ask him to help me communicate with him more and tune into his energy. At the time I didn’t hear anything and just spoke my will (which was something personal) and thanked him for being there.
The next day or so, I was just going about my day and thinking of what I should wear, when I heard a very strong voice in my head say “I will do anything to make your will happen” Or something along those lines, since I had been so in shock at first that I almost wrote it off as my mind playing tricks on me. I had no idea what to say; I just stood there for a moment wondering if I heard correctly. I know that I’ve been struggling with self doubt lately, and wondering if he’s actually heard me. I wonder if that was his way of letting me know that he’s heard me. I haven’t heard him since, if it really is him.

I feel like since I’ve been doubting myself I may be putting a block on our connection. Any advice on this matter would help a lot (be it advice on clairaudience, self doubt, or anything else really).


Keep at it, and for self-doubt, I;m going to paste in something I PM’d someone recently, because it’s relevant here:

In academic settings people progress at a measured pace, with end of term or end of year exams that tell you where you’re at, and set your future progression – in magick, each time you figure out how to see the underlying situation, or trust your intuition, or place faith in your own power, that is in itself a minor initiation, a “Grade passed” and an accomplishment.

These are your first “exam” – how you react isn’t pass/fail, but it will matter.

… That’s the key self-initiatory act of a black magician, other people ender repressive orders and work through grades, letting someone else call the rate at which they progress… we have more freedom, though to be fair, it requires more self-confidence, the quiet sort that accepts not everything will be simple, but it will be worthwhile. :slight_smile:


This happened to me, too.

Feeling the spirit’s energy is my strongest sense. And after awhile, I couldn’t feel them as strongly, although I was still able to telepathically communicate with them.

When I asked my closest spiritual ally at the time about it, she simply said “Pull more of us through to you.”

You should be able to translate that into however you work with spirits. For me, I imagine reaching out to them and pulling them closer again and again until I feel their energy as strongly as I want to.

The truth is … YOU are the gateway.


Thank you Lady Eva, I was hoping I would hear from you (you always seem so knowledgeable). I’ve been trying to keep a log of my progress of sorts, and hopefully look back on it in a few months and see how much I’ve progressed.
Looking at it all, I realize I’m my own master, and I’m the student.


That seems to hit home perfectly. I have been trying to pull him closer to me and that seems to be working slightly. I’ll definitely continue doing so!

Thanks Valkarath.

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You might want to try this. Imagine pulling layer after layer of him around you like a hooded cloak.

The spirits I worked with used the symbols of a King’s Crown and the Mantle that fell across his shoulders. And that’s exactly the way I feel the spirits, like a heavy pressure on the crown of my head, the back of my neck, the back of my shoulders, and the tops of my shoulders.

So when I wanted better communication with them, I would say “Come, sit close upon me like the Crown and Mantle of the Kings of Old.”

And then I would imagine them coming closer and sitting deep in my aura, right up against my skin.

That really helped me feel them and also helped me get stronger telepathic communication with them.

And you’ll have to get used to the most powerful spirits approaching you from behind. :smiling_imp:


YES!! You nailed it in one there! :smiley: