Help with energy

So in my other two topics as I said I’m new, I cannot feel energy that well or even really at all. My mom and family friend (before he passed and reincarnated) felt my energy when we were just hanging around as they were looking at stones and crystals we had, and said I have a weird energy. I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to look into my energy and let me know if it’s a good a bad weird or if my energies are just super messed up (probably this). Thank you for anyone willing to check on me and have a good night.

Why are you’re even bothered by that? Lets say someone scans you and says that your energy is indeed messed up as you think it is. Then what? What will you do about it? Do you know how to “fix” it?
What’s more important right now for you as a neophyte is to study and learn the basics at least. Do your grounding, banishing, meditation, set a routine, learn how to defend yourself, do some energy work. Balance will come when its time.


I agree. Going from 0 to 60, isn’t as easy as it sounds lol.


I am starting with basics. I just wish to know where I stand right now so to speak with my energy.

at the beginning with your system of choice, most of them start in one particular area or another.