Help with dreams

Hi i have a really weird thing going on, i have never really been able to remember my dreams at all, whenever i sleep i just seem to wake up the next day like if i had just blinked. is there any entity that can help with mastering or remembering dreams? i would also like to delve into lucid dreaming

thanks for reading, really appreciate feedback

I stopped dreaming and had good results with herbal supplements. Silene Capensis, Claridream Pro and DreamLeaf all worked for me. And once the ability came back I didn’t need the supplements any more, but I did need to write the dreams down or I found they stopped again.


You can also try mugwort tincture or tea…I normally mix it with other herbal teas.

Its also worth trying to alter your sleep pattern slightly for a few weeks so that you awake at a different sleep stage.


I can’t recommend any entities to help but can share how I trained my brain into remembering. I did this when I was a teenager and many many years later it still works.

I would remind myself multiple times through the day that tonight I WILL remember my dreams. I would write down that statement whenever I could remember. Not a crazy amount, maybe 2-3 time a day. I would also write it before I went to bed and would put the paper under my pillow. It was something I read on the internet decades ago and it took about a week or so and then it just worked.

It’s been a blessing and a curse because I tend to remember 2-3 dreams a night in sometimes vivid detail. Lucid dreaming is harder for me but this simple trick that might work for you?

If not, I hope someone finds an entity to recommend :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the nifty trick, i’ll definitely try it out!

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