Help with dream interpretation

Hi does anyone know what does it mean when you loose one tooth in your dream

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Luck - You didn’t loose all of them :slight_smile:Toothless-smile-copy

Yes only just one and sorry for my bad English

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I had this dream often before. I read it shows that there’s a new task, maybe at work, that stresses you out. You’re afraid of it, you’re afraid you can’t make it or you don’t know how to do it.
For me this was always pretty accurate

I had this dream only ever when I was pregnant. I read it signifies a new stage in life. Like when you’re a child and get your adult teeth.


Every tooth has a correspondence to an organ

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Dreams of losing a tooth are rather straight forward, losing something importance to you, or are stressed about losing something… They can also be about a situation which you are powerless or feel a lack of control over.