Help with dream interpretation/signs?

Last week I had a dream that was so intense I haven’t been able to shake it. It’s hard to call it a dream because it truly felt like reality. When I woke up I sat there for almost an hour wondering what I’d just experienced. Everything felt so real. It also occurred on the day I ended things with my partner. There was foreshadowing of that in the dream as we were making contact the whole time in the dream. Things ended very similarly to the way they actually happened which was completely unexpected.

It all took place in the house I grew up in. It’s noteworthy to mention while I lived there I was under attack. I’d physically feel things forcing me down, persistently see shadows out of the corners of my eyes, was plagued with disturbing dreams, and constantly felt negative energy. At that time I had left the Catholic Church, but always identified as a “lapsed Catholic.” Spiritually I practiced nothing but believed in a God, heaven & hell.

In my dream I was awoken from my bed. When I looked outside I saw women dressed in gypsy, fae-esque clothing in the yard next to mine. They were giants, 7-9 feet tall maybe. They went around in a circle, fire in the middle, performing some kind of ritualistic dance I believe. There was a man playing a drum which I can still hear in my head. I never saw his face but his shadow. One women drifted off from the crowd and came into my yard, but she was robed in black, again she was quite tall. She stared me straight in the eyes as if she wanted her presence known to me and that she didn’t care she was trespassing. Then she wandered off and disappeared.

I went back to my bed but there was a woman & a man there who were trying to force sexual relations with me. I escaped into another room of my home where I was then encountered by a stunning blonde woman who disrobed and started masturbating in front of me. However I made her leave my home. I could still see her standing naked outside though. She’d left a bag and I gave it to her. She presented me with two shiny items, one pink, one silver. I haven’t the slightest clue what these items were.

My lhp workings so far have included workings with Lilith, Lucifer, & Naamah. Recently I’ve been studying the Qliphoth & working with the four angels of prostitution. I’ve been trying to find whom claims me as well. I feel a kinship to fae. Since I was a child I’ve always been attracted to them. I’m aware of their love for shiny objects. Recently I’ve been gifted by a stranger, found $30, & won money on a lotto ticket. Each incident was followed or preceded by me coming across a very shiny penny.

I’m convinced that all of this is linked somehow but not quite sure how. Any input would be greatly appreciated :blush:


i hope you find your answer, and i want to tell you i have a feeling this is not a coincidence.

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Thank you for your reply. It truly means a lot :black_heart:
It feels like something is definitely trying to get my attention but I have no clue what. I feel surrounded all the time by something.

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Very interesting and complex visions, here’s my take, there are two parts to this vision and with your backstory. The first indicates a casting perhaps against your family and feelings of negativity might be signs of a generational hex that has bewitched you somehow.

To dream of a gypsy giants dancing in a circle are symbols of someone else’s castings or rituals against your family and there home. The giants gypsy’s are an indication that your family is involved in a struggle or problems with others. The giant gypsies are symbolic of the size and enormity of this issue.

This major struggle may ultimately play a very large part in your life. Many things may depend on it and decisions may need to be made in consequence of it. You may need to work very hard to overcome the obstacle that this struggle or something you wish to overcome has become in your life from your past or perhaps your families past.

This is your past spiritual experience, to give you some explanation as to why strange things happened to you when you were growing up and may still surround you, It has absolutely nothing to do with being Catholic.

The woman in black approaching you and staring you in the eye is Lucifer letting you know that castings have been sent against your family in the past, her warning to you personally.

The blond woman is responding to your current rituals with Lilith, the many physical signs of good fortune are signs your castings have been heard and accepted, your present and perhaps future with your occult knowledge. The bright, shiny, new penny’s are physical signs that indicates the number one or rebirth and transformation regarding your most recent castings.

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It’s interesting that you mention hexes. My mother’s side of the family traces back to a Scottish clan involved in the Glencoe Massacre. She’s always believed there’s been some kind of curse placed on our family. In fact I’ve researched generational curses and removing them in the past. My family definitely has experienced some hardships. That’s a very relevant insight, thank you for that. I’ll definitely be researching more into this.

It’s interesting Lucifer and Lilith made themselves known. At first I felt a great connection but lately I’d been unsure about my relationship with them and if I was meant to work with someone else.

I’m definitely experiencing an extreme rebirth and transformation right now. Everything you said resonated strongly. I’m very grateful for your reply. You’ve given me much to look into. Thank you for taking your time to reply and for all your knowledge :black_heart:

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Your welcome. When you are conducting rituals often searching for a patron deity, they will often send visions as a response, sometimes going to your past to help you understand past mistakes or problems and to correct or be cautious of problems, using various symbols, for things that should be corrected are sent to us by our spiritual guides. In this way, they act as teachers for the purpose of imparting lessons.

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