Help with Domination Spell

hello hello friends I have spent hours upon hours searching for the bestest and fastest domination spell or the right diamond to invoke to help me with my problem for domination and for controlling someone’s mind all information that is provided to me will be read and taken into consideration I thank you for your time Dean

Okay, dude. This is the second thread you have opened with the title “Help please” so I’m going to edit that so people will know what this thread is about.

Second, you are a beginner magician. We could give you the most powerful “domination” spell known to mankind and it wouldn’t work for you because you haven’t taken any time to actually learn anything. Targets fight such spells and when they do, you have to be able to push back.

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Ok mate thanks for the information it helps sorry I posted I need help twice I am absolutely computer retarded and don’t really know what I am doing with computers so I thank you for your patience would it be wise to find someone for hire to do a domination spell on my behalf or not

Considering the nature of your request it is wise to hire someone to do a spell for you. Even people with a lot of experience gets taken for a ride the way magick unfolds. You should be prepared for any consequence that may come towards you.

I hope you are not looking to turn someone into your sex slave or even worse.

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do you know anyone that can do this for me and what is a fair price to pay I am not doing it to turn anyone into a sex slave etc I am doing it as I wish to have my ex back as I’m a single father looking after our three beautiful children which to a disabled is very hard to me to live by myself and do this and my little girl needs to grow up with a mother not to mention we have been together for over 16 years and she is the love of my lifeso if you know anyone that can help me or if you could help me it would be much appreciated thank you for your time and for messaging me and guiding me on the right track

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I feel bad for your situation. Instead of domination, why don’t you use a love spell on her? There are many successful ones, every second day there is a love spell post here. Exhaust the site and see what you can use.

I have never used any service so can’t suggest any one.

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cheers mate I have paid about 3 people to do them for me and I have done 2 myself I done about 3 days ago so I am waiting a week or two for results the two that I have done has been off the many that I found on this site have you or any of your friends done any and have they worked for you or them


Good. No I don’t use love spells, I don’t like to fuck up with someone’s free will but I do lust spells with only those girls who want to hook up to have good fuck. No strings.

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I uh… Used some on my wife to maintain our marriage for the last 5 months or so

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Not that I’m proud of it, because fuck her and Im done, but they worked

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Well that sounds like fun do you have to know the person you want to screw around with and or would it work on my ex and one last question those spells you used on your wife do you have to be in a relationship for them to work or can you be broken up

With what I use and who I use to start it I dont have to know them, no. Also you dont have to be in a relationship, it can work if youre outside of one. The issue is just how hard I have to push to make it anchor and how long it will take to fully cycle through

Fair enough I am guessing I’m not experienced enough to do those sort of things anyway I thank you so much for speaking to me and for all the advice that you have given me if you stumble across something that you think that could help me please don’t hesitate to send it to me I hope one day I can return the favour and give other people good advice like you gave to me thanks once again Dean :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Im sure I could take a crack at it, but Id give your own work a few days to cycle through, and Im working on something for someone

well thank you I will give it a bit of time I’ll give it around about 8 days to see if I get some sort of a result or sign either way whatever happens I’ll contact you anyway and if you are in a position to help me with that then that would be great I can give you a little bit of money I don’t have much as I don’t have time to work but I would give you something so you could buy something that you like eg alcohol or supplies to do spells etc we can discuss that when or if you take on my case cheers mate Dean from Australia

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To be up front with you, if I can take it at the time, i honestly dont need money for supplies

Fair enough it sounds like you’ve got a similar nature to me all my life I’ve been helping people and don’t ask for anything in return mainly because I believe in the barter system if I help someone someone down the track will help me and that’s the way life goes and as we say here in Australia it’s the Aussie way it makes me feel good to see people all over the world that have the same attitude in life :grinning: cheers mate and thanks again

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