Help with demons and goddesses

Hey, I think I am starting to get a few results with demons! :hugs:
However I am having difficulty in figuring out which demon or goddess is better for each subject. If you could help me I’d really appreciate it

  • Best entity for beauty (besides Aphrodite)
  • Best entity against show off/full of themselves people
  • Best entity for revenge
  • Best entity for inner healing
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I think it would be better if you chose entities that you are drawn to so you can form a connection with them not because they are the best but because you want to have a connection with them and work with them.
Make a list of entities with these qualities you put out and chose the one you think is best for yourself. What’s best for me isn’t necessary what’s best for you. Everyone have different experiences with these entities. I do get your point though of wanting to know who’s the best to get the most out of the results you want.

I mean the easy way you could simply put “god or goddess of beauty, revenge, healing” etc in google and get a list for each one.

However, a demon, god, or goddess against “show off/full of themselves people” is too general, that’s basically you just not liking someone whose a show off or full of themselves which can go into revenge or any entity who has no trouble doing something to someone. Honestly all these are general things any entity could pull off.

Just read the demon’s powers. They should tell u if they can handle those request. demons of magick book have list of powers for each demon. U also get thousands of spells with this book so it’s a good reference as well.