Help with demon Agares?

I can’t really find what I’m looking for in the search. I just want to know what he can do and his personality. I know he teaches languages, but what does the causing storms and destroying dignities mean? What is bringing back runaways and make men stand still? Can these thing be applied to binding employees of your company not to leave, a lover not to leave, or perhaps a great tenant renting your house not to leave?

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Think of it as causing bad luck to manifest in an enemy’s life, such as someone of a higher rank than you at work making your professional life hell. Destroying dignities essentially means harming how one is viewed by others. I would argue that while he can do this to others, he can also clear out situations where youre having a series of awful luck or about to have your reputation harmed. Those who take can also give.

Essentially retrieval and binding of people.


I have a good relationship with Agares. Can’t praise him enough. But each one of us is different and therefore our spiritual relationships are probably going to be different, at least to a degree.

Try this: get a copy of Book of Agares by Stephanie Connolly. Follow the directions. Let us know how you go.


I’ve had good results with that method. Often seeing synchronicites days before putting it on the paper. You can craft a book for any entity. Very versatile.

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