Help with deamons

Hi I’m new to magic and have loved to work with demons for a long time can anyone tell me a good first demon that is easy to summon and talk with ?

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I personally would gain some experience with other spirits first and forermost. a good starting point would be:

  1. Olympic Spirits (All 7)
  2. Aerial Spirits
  3. elemental Kings
  4. Planetary Spirits (actually angels)
  5. Angels
  6. Demons

A good analogy would be weight lifting. You wouldn’t walk into a gym and start trying to bench-press the heaviest weights first time around. You would first start with the lighter weights building up the required muscle (experience) to be able to lift the heavier ones.

If you are insistent and want to work exclusively with demons for the moment then I would recommend Vassago. He can help teach you the faculties required to communicate with spirits and develop your skills as a magician.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Best of luck.


How can I contact him do u have a Sigel for him

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Depends on how well developed your astral senses are?

I do indeed:

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